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How To Check If Your eSIM Is Configured Correctly? 

There is nothing more frustrating than having trouble with configuring your eSIM card. Especially, if you rely heavily on your mobile networking for your professional or personal commitments. If you are facing issues related to your eSIM card or looking for ways on how to check eSIM configuration, you have entered the right place! 

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In this article, we will walk you through some effective and beneficial ways to check eSIM configuration on your iPhone or Android devices. Additionally, this blog will also provide you with some insight into ways to resolve the issues related to your eSIM configuration process effectively and easily. 


So, before diving deeper into the article, let us first understand what eSIM configuration actually is!


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What is eSIM Configuration? 

Embedded SIM popularly known as eSIM is a digital version of physical SIM cards where you don’t have to worry about physically interesting the SIM card in your mobile handsets. On the other hand, the eSIM configuration process is a procedure that involves setting up the eSIM profile so that it can connect to your SIM operators and avail the full benefits of eSIM services in just one click! 


Without the eSIM configuration process, it can be challenging to activate your eSIM. Hence, ensure to follow the correct configuration process to activate your eSIM card. The configuration process involves verifying your installation process, checking your network connections, and more!  

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Steps To Ensure Your eSIM is Configured Correctly


  1. Follow the Proper installation process: The key to correctly configuring your eSIM card is to follow the proper installation process suggested by your network operators. This helps in avoiding confusion and conveniences when getting your eSIM cards activated. Typically, the process involves scanning a QR code or entering details manually to activate your eSIM card. Check out the Airtel eSIM online page to learn more about the Airtel configuration process. 


  1. Restart Your Device: Once you activate your eSIM card, it is extremely important to restart your device. Your device needs some time to process the activation of your eSIM card. So, even after activating your eSIM card, if you facing issues related to your eSIM, ensure to just restart your device. 

  • Update device software: Even before you activate your eSIM card, ensure to check for recent updates in your mobile software. Sometimes, if your mobile is running on outdated software, it can be challenging for the device to read the new changes with your SIM card process. Hence, always keep your phone updated. 


  1. Reset Networking settings: Not many people are aware of the fact but, a simple restart can often resolve configuration issues. Switch off and on your device to refresh the network settings. This will give a quick reboot to your phone and allow it to read all the necessary changes appropriately. Hence, ensure to restart your device before or after opting for the eSIM configuration process. 


  1. Reinstall eSIM profile: If for any reason you suspect your eSIM is not installed or activated correctly, you can always consider to reinstall the eSIM profile. For most mobile devices this can be done by, going to Settings > Mobile Data > Your eSIM Plan > Remove Data Plan. Then, re-add the plan using the QR code or activation details provided by your operator. And that’s it! Your eSIM configuration process should be resolved. 


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Contact Airtel Customer Support: 


If you have tried all the above steps and your Airtel eSIM is still not configured correctly, it might be time to contact your network provider’s customer support. At Airtel Customer Support, we pay utmost attention to all our customer’s grievances, queries, and issues. With our 24/7 customer support, you can get your problem resolved in one click by downloading the Airtel Thanks App


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That said, these were some effective and simple ways for you to get your eSIM configured correctly. Ensure to follow all the given pointers in the blog when configuring your eSIM for your iPhone or Android handsets. If you are unable to get your eSIM configured, ensure to seek help from experts or call up an Airtel representative.