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5 Essential To-Do’s Before You Travel Abroad

We all get excited in the name of international travel, especially when we are visiting our favourite destination. The thrill of exploring new cultures and the delight of witnessing new landscapes and surroundings are sure to create a feeling of ecstasy. But one thing that we should always resort to is safe travel. Yes! Whether you are travelling abroad to study or for a vacation, you must take all the necessary measures and precautions so that you can enjoy your journey to the fullest. Prepare a travelling essentials checklist and take note of everything you need to take care of. Follow them to avoid any kind of issues on grounds of laws, culture, weather, convenience, atmosphere, etc.

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Now that your whole itinerary is planned, flights checked in, hotels booked and the suitcases are packed, we hope you are not forgetting about the 5 essential to-do’s before you venture abroad!

Make the most of your overseas with these simple guidelines:

  • Get your documents ready
  • Purchase Travel Insurance
  • Research the destination, currency, and local spots
  • Get an International Roaming (IR) pack for all your connectivity needs
  • Get necessary vaccinations and medicines
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Get All Your Documents Ready

Of course, the first and foremost thing is to get ready with all the important documents. Make a travel packing list and check what all passport and visa requirements you need to fulfil before you visit the country.

Accordingly, make your bag and put all the documents and papers including visa, passport, health certificates (if required), Airline tickets, travel insurance, driving licence, any Government identity card, boarding pass, etc. After all, you wouldn’t want to encounter any issues later on during your trip in case you missed out on any important document.

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 Purchase Travel Insurance

There is no doubt that travel insurance is quintessentially needed while travelling abroad, especially in today’s post-covid times when you are not anymore sure when you might be exposed to illness. During this period, your travel insurance would be of great use.

It will not only cover your health bills and financial drainage due to medical emergencies but would also protect you from lost luggage and flight cancellations. In short, it is your ticket to global protection while travelling internationally. You can contact any health insurance company and get one before you book your tickets.

Research the destination, currency, and local spots

Before you travel abroad, it’s important to do proper research regarding your destination and plan your itinerary accordingly. Look out what kind of weather the place has, learn about the culture, customs, and laws of the country you are visiting so that you do not face any legal issues there on account of rule violations or cultural misunderstandings. Also, make a note of the currency that is used in that country. Whether you plan to take the help of forex stores or use your own credit/debit card or cash – research what you need, compare prices, activate international transactions on your cards, set up limits, have emergency cash for 1st day and more.

Also, make a list of all emergency contacts and significant addresses that you may need during critical times. Keep them saved either on your phone or write them down somewhere. This would surely safeguard you and therefore, you would be able to explore places without any inconvenience and discomfort.

Get International Roaming (IR) pack for all your connectivity needs

On the travel essentials list, another thing that you need to do is to figure out how to communicate while travelling abroad. For that, choosing an Airtel IR pack makes so much sense! To zero in on the perfect Airtel IR pack for you, have a look at the plans, the data benefits, the plan duration, and the prices.

Here is why Airtel IR packs are so great:

  • They activate as soon as you arrive in a new country.
  • A safe, secure, and seamless connectivity option, without any hassles.
  • Extremely convenient

Interested? Activate your IR packs from Airtel now!

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Get Necessary Vaccinations and Medicines

What if upon arrival you realise that some airborne diseases and contagious diseases are quite prevalent in the country you are visiting? You would want to save yourself, right? So, make sure you visit your doctor before boarding the flight and get all important vaccinations. There are several countries around the world where diseases like bird flu, malaria, typhoid, dengue, etc. are quite common. Hence, it is of utmost concern to consult your doctor regarding it and get everything sorted for the journey. Also, get all the medicines that you may need on your trip for it is always one of the significant things to pack for a trip.

So, this was the international travel checklist before you travel abroad to ensure a safe, enjoyable, and stress-free trip. Other things that you can do include finalising the budget and packing smart. Finalising the budget would help you in avoiding extra expenditures. It will help you prioritise where to save and where to spend. On the other hand, packing smart for international travel saves time, money, and space. It ensures that you have everything you need without excess baggage, avoids over-packing, and allows for easier transportation and mobility.

Recharge your Airtel SIM card with an International Roaming pack and have an amazing adventure!