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How to reduce data usage on Android

How to reduce daily mobile data usage on Android & iOS

As the world is relying more on online technology, the internet is rapidly becoming one of the fundamentals of humankind. Most of the people today use mobile phones to surf internet and stay online. Therefore, mobile data is one of the basic thing users primarily use for staying online.

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With heavy online activities being performed with normal mobile data pack, the data is bound to get exhausted quickly. But what if we tell you, there are ways for you to reduce the mobile data usage and use your data for a longer period.

You can say goodbye to those extra data booster recharge packs for your phone after reading the below pointers on how to reduce data usage on android and Apple phones.

So, let’s get started!

How to reduce mobile data usage?

Here are a few ways you can monitor your data usage and limit it:

Use your phone’s built-in data usage tracker

All smartphones have built-in data trackers. These trackers can be used to track your data usage and your consumption pattern. Moreover, these trackers can be customized to alert you or switch off your mobile data when you reach the set limit for daily data consumption.

You can set this limit keeping in mind how much data you wish to save. Every phone has different ways to enable this tracker. Listing generic steps for Android and iPhones.

How to enable data tracker on your Android phone and set data limits?

  • Open the Settings app and head to Connections.
  • Choose Data usage > Billing cycle > Data warning.
  • Set the data limit.
  • Either choose to give you alerts or simply switch off your mobile data when the limit is reached.

How to enable low data mode on iPhone?

  • Go to the Settings app.
  • Tap on Mobile Data > Mobile Data Options.
  • Toggle on Low Data Mode. Your phone will automatically pause updates, background tasks, etc.

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This is just one easy way on how to reduce data usage on android and iPhones. Let’s look at other options too.

Restrict unnecessary background data usage

You might not know this, but your applications use internet in the background even when you are not using them. This process is called Background App Refresh. Basically, your phone allows the apps to automatically look for new information (updates, notifications) even if these apps are not running on screen by the user.

For example: Food delivery apps sending push notifications, social media apps looking for new messages, tags, friend requests, Gmail notifications, small app updates you are not even aware about, and more.

These activities consume your mobile data and phone’s battery continuously. Therefore, you need to restrict this data consumption to reduce mobile data usage in phone. The steps to restrict the background usage differ for every phone mode.

How to reduce the data usage in mobile? Steps for turning off background data refresh.

Here are a few generic steps you can follow for android phones:

  • Go to Settings and then tap on Connections>Data usage.
  • Find Mobile data usage and tap on it.
  • Choose an app from the list or a data usage graph. You can turn off the background data usage for that particular app now. Turn off ‘Allow background data usage.’
  • Follow the above 3 steps for other apps you wish to restrict background data consumption.

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Steps for your iPhone or iPad are:

  • Open Settings > General > Background App Refresh.
  • You will find a list of apps here. Use the toggle to turn off or on background app refresh for each application.

Monitor your data now and see the change.

Some other steps that one can follow for how to reduce net consumption in mobile are mentioned further in the article. Continue reading.

Updates your apps only on Wi-Fi

App updates can take up huge data. Therefore, it is always advised to update any of the application using a fast and stable Wi-Fi connection. If your App store or Google Play Store download updates on mobile data, here’s what you can do:

For Android

  • Open the Google Play Store.
  • Tap on the Menu > Settings > Auto-update apps.
  • Here, choose ‘Over Wi-Fi only.’ This ensures all your apps will only get updated when there is an active Wi-Fi connection.

For iPhone

  • Head to the App store.
  • Switch off the toggle for disabling automatic downloads when on Wi-Fi.

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Switch to data saver apps

Many apps have a data saver version available in the App store or Google Play Store. For example: you can use Facebook Lite instead of Facebook for saving data.

Many other apps also have lighter versions.

Compress your mobile web experience

If you use Google Chrome for surfing, you can switch to a lighter version from the app’s settings.

Follow the below steps:

  • Click on the 3 dots.
  • Head to Google Chrome’s settings.
  • Toggle on for Lite mode.
  • And that’s it.

Other than these, you can also use the following ways to reduce your mobile data consumption:

  • If you are indoors, don’t forget to use your Wi-Fi connection rather than mobile data.
  • Use mobile data only when you are outdoors and there’s no secure network outside.
  • Download, upload, and send low quality media. This will help you save a lot of data. Many videos made in iPhone have a large file size.
  • Did you know 1 hour of streaming Netflix in decent video quality consumes up to 3 GB data! Therefore, if you wish to stream on OTT platforms, use a Wi-Fi connection.
  • Download the map to a destination beforehand and save data!
  • Stop the auto play feature on your social media applications.

Follow these pointers to reduce the data usage in Android mobile and Apple devices. Our final advice will be to get a stable Fiber broadband connection for your home to meet all your data consumption needs. Moreover, your mobile data is not enough to power several devices at once. If you wish to use multiple devices on internet and keep your mobile data usage at minimum, we suggest you go for a broadband connection today.

You can do an online recharge for your mobile and broadband together for Airtel broadband and prepaid SIM card using the Airtel Thanks app and Airtel’s official website.