Airtel completed 23 years of serving the Indian market this year. This long and fruitful journey has not been possible without our customers. To convey our gratitude to the impeccable trust our customers have placed in us, we launched #airtelThanks. Since the start of its journey, Airtel has been obsessed with one single focus - delighting customers and providing them a differentiated experience. #airtelThanks is the biggest initiative to celebrate our relationships with customers by making them feel extra special. Equally, it offers the opportunity to reach customers with highly targeted offerings, rendering this program a win-win for our customers and partners.

"We are truly very excited about building #airtelThanks into a large scale ‘telco-brand’ collaboration property.”


Celebrating our relationship with our customers under the aegis of #airtelThanks

Backed by an ecosystem of online & offline partners enabling compelling rewards for our customers

Digitally on-boarded rewards program housing 130 Mn+ customers

Forms the bedrock of our vision to become an OPEN TELCO

#airtelThanks packs benefits and rewards ranging from access to great content on Airtel TV, Wynk, Amazon Prime and Netflix to exciting offers viz. device cashback, device protection, insurance.

This ensures singular focus on catering to the needs of quality customers, which is at the heart of Airtel’s strategy. It focuses to add more value to our customers and provide a differentiated experience, using technology and data as the backbone of the product. The program is segregated into three parts and the benefits vary based on the tier customers to which they belong.

With diverse customer benefits available at each tier, the program also affords an ability to excite customers to climb up the tier ladder and create long term customer value by increased loyalty and stickiness to the network.

Silver (Basic but superhit): This tier customers get access to basic content like Airtel TV and Wynk.
Gold (A cut above): In addition to Silver tier benefits, they get access to Airtel TV premium, Shaw academy, amazon prime and the handset protection insurance
Platinum (Peak of perks): The highest tier and customers will get VIP service from Airtel, premium content, amazon prime, ebooks, device protection, exclusive invites, and priority access to events and sales.

Salient Features of #airtelThanks

Differentiated & exclusive experiences delivered consistently

Airtel has built the #airtelThanks on deep technology and incredible partnerships. The program is focused on delivering highly differentiated experiences that are tailored to the customers’ needs. Customer base is segmented and targeted by ensuring VIP services to the high-value customers. These experiences accompanied with the ample daily data quota truly unlocks the smartphone experience on a worldclass mobile network.

Offering Tangible Value & New Propositions

While fulfilling our customers’ telco needs lies at the core of what we do, we continue to strive to offer much more. Under #airtelThanks customers now have access to special bundles offering tangible value beyond telco:

Life Insurance - Airtel, in partnership with HDFC life, announced H4 Lakh Term Life Insurance to drive financial inclusion in India – a first for any telco across the world.
Amazon Prime Membership – first of its kind partnership in India which enables customers to enjoy exclusive Amazon Prime benefits for the duration of their prepaid pack. Smartphone customers recharging with the pack will get access to all Amazon Prime benefits that include the best of entertainment and shopping: Prime Video, Prime Music, Prime Reading and unlimited free fast shipping on millions of items along with early and exclusive access to deals on
Other benefits such as content from Zee5 and Netflix, regional content companies, access to books etc.

Stronger Postpaid Value to our Customers

For many customers across the country, Airtel has become an integral part of not just their lives but also of their family. We value this deeply and further to enhance bond, as part of #airtelThanks, we strengthened the value residing in the postpaid family plans. It was also ensured that value discovery in the plan upgrade and plan change journeys are simple for the end customer.

Building Ecosystem of Partners

One of the key technological investments that Airtel made was the creation of a content provisioning platform that could provide millions of telco customers access to premium content from providers such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, Zee5 and Airtel TV Premium. In line with our philosophy of being an “Open Telco”, we partnered with a multitude of OTT providers to curate and offer products that cater to Airtel’s user base, such as:

  • Long-term Prime subscription product for postpaid and broadband users
  • A limited period with multi-emulti-extxtensionension capability of Prime subsbscription fcription foorr our prepaid users
  • Netflix gift worth ₹1500
  • ZEE5 premium subs riptiocriptionn
  • Norton mobile securityty

Airtel focuses on achieving an open telco platform with the partnership principles based on T.E.A.M. (Transparent commercials, Ease of integration on our platform, Accelerated adoption of partner propositions and Mutual Growth).

A single, one-Airtel view of the customer

#airtelThanks targets to generate curiosity and create word of mouth by offering its users experiences that money can’t buy. Surprises badges and personalized offers are among the few that pop-up from time to time basis events & usage behavior. Gamification of surprises and rewards has been done to drive customer delight and engagement.

Bringing Tiers to Life on #airtelThanks App

myAirtel App was rechristened as #airtelThanks App to help users choose, access and navigate through their benefits in a very simple and of partner propositions and Growth). user-friendly manner. The app uses strong data-science and segmentation algorithms to customize the user experiences, based on user interests and profiles.

While conceptualizing the product and architecting engineering systems to enable the program at the required scale was challenging, it was a strong handshake between multiple teams across marketing, brand, retail, customer support, and operations verticals that ensured a seamless, consistent experience across all touchpoints.