Every two years, Airtel conducts a materiality assessment in accordance with GRI Standards and guided by Account Ability’s AA1000 Principles Standard (2018). In 2017-18, we, at Airtel, revalidated our material topics through a detailed stakeholder engagement to evaluate the key expectations of our stakeholders, as well as the risks identified through our risk management process. Materiality was considered in the context of global trends, the UN Sustainable Development Goals and our overall corporate strategy. While this aided the revision of our Sustainability strategy, it also enabled further engagement with stakeholders, review of industry best practices, benchmarking of our own performance and an evaluation of our key risks and opportunities.

The identified material issues were then prioritized based on topics of relevance to our stakeholders as well as to the management, which are listed below.

Enhancing Customer experience and satisfaction

Climate change and Carbon emissions of telecom infrastructure

Sustainable Community Development

Product and Service quality

Enhancing Network quality (reliability and availability)

Customer Data protection and security

Ethical and transparent business transactions

Resource optimization and waste management

High standards of Corporate Governance

Improving Employee engagement and development

Digital inclusion and access

Collaborative long term supplier/partner relationships

Digitization and innovative service offerings