Airtel is a leading global telecommunications company with a portfolio of services that includes voice and data solutions over fixed, wireless and internet platform, DTH and enterprise solutions. As one of the world’s leading integrated providers of telecommunication services, we continue to invest aggressively in deployment of latest network technologies to delight our customers.

Invest in strengthening our Network Infrastructure

We are making sustained investments in strengthening our infrastructure to build a network that enhances user experience with innovative services. Given the changes in the telecom landscape which have necessitated unprecedented network rollouts with emerging opportunities, our strategy is to sustain market leadership by setting up an integrated network infrastructure to deliver brilliant network experience for our consumers. As a result we constantly invest towards building a strong network infrastructure, spectrums and other related assets across the globe. To meet up with the increasing data usage requirements and widening customer base, we have invested to widen our 4G and 3G data coverage with additional sites that has helped improve voice quality and improved data speed.

In modernizing our network, and as a part of our smart investment strategy, we continue to grow our connectivity footprints by providing 5G readiness. A key focus across our operations has been to maintain high quality and differentiated network experience. We continue to provide the best network experience in India across our product segment supported by our strong spectrum bandwidth.

232.80 MHz

Spectrum in 900 MHz band

250 MHz

Spectrum in 2100 MHz band

536.10 MHz

Spectrum in 1800 MHz band

570 MHz

Spectrum in 2300 MHz band

5G Readiness

Airtel has been deploying leading edge technologies and is the first operator in India to provide pre 5G experience by deploying 4CC CA & LAA technology in the network. Airtel has also showcased 5G capabilities during Indian Mobile Congress 2018, with peak user throughput of 1.5 Gbps throughput using commercial grade CPEs and 3 Gbps using prototype device. Airtel also demonstrated 5G use-cases such as 3D hologram, AR/VR based online gaming & ultra-high definition video streaming.
Radio network & packet core deployed by Airtel across India is hardware ready to support 5G-NSA architecture.

Pushing the limits

To aid the problem of telecom connectivity in the village of Hayuliang in Anjaw district, Arunachal Pradesh, Airtel took up the challenge of setting up a tower base. The town, which is 308 kms away from the capital city of Itanagar, consists of several army base camps as it is located on the borders of China and Myanmar. Due to absence of any other operator, we came forward to serve the needs of the army and 5K rural population in the area.However, being an air site many challenges were faced while setting-up the tower base. The process was delayed due to presence of 60-80% hard rocks and heavy and continuous rain fall,landslides and road blockage leading to collapse of civil structure. Moreover, the materials had to be carried manually to site.

Network connectivity remains fundamental to economic growth of any region today, and we took up the challenge, successfully completing the project. In just two days of launch, we saw a strong traffic statistics. Going forward, we will continue to set-up new tower base and spread connectivity to the last mile.

Creating Value for a Larger Customer Audience

People today are looking for anytime and anywhere seamless connectivity. To address this need, we are investing towards infrastructure development that optimises the growing need for an improved and unmatched network connectivity across multiple products.With our wide array of innovative service offering including voice and data solutions over fixed, wireless and internet platform, DTH and enterprise solutions, we continue to provide seamless, personalised and digital experience to our customers. While continuously

making investment in network and IT infrastructure needed to broaden and improve service delivery, we recognize the imperative of providing value to our customers through our innovative service.

282.6 Mn

Mobile Services

15.4 Mn

Digital TV Services

2.3 Mn

Homes Services

1.9 Mn

Airtel Business (B2B)

Mobile Services

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Optic Fibre Network (RKms)


Non-Census Towns & Villages


Total Mobile Broadband Base Stations

2,811.3 Bn

Minutes on Network

11,733 Bn

Data Traffic (MBs)

Homes Services

Cities covered

2,109.7 Bn

Data Traffic (MBs)

Digital TV Services

Districts covered



Airtel Business (B2B)

Airtel Business is India’s leading and most trusted ICT services provider and offers diverse portfolio of services to enterprises,governments, carriers, and small and medium businesses. Airtel Business constantly provides innovative integrated solutions,superior customer service and unmatched depth / reach to global markets. Along with voice, data and video, our services also include network integration, data centers, managed services, enterprise mobility applications and digital media.


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