Brand Affinity

Being an innovator at heart, Brand 'Airtel' has always stood for providing excellent performance and experience to its customers. That we have the superior confidence on our delivery while being brutally honest was displayed via our campaign “Sab Kuch Try Karo, Phir Sahi Chuno”

We further strengthened our customer connect with #airtelThanks - an industry first rewards program, bringing a host of rewards for our consumers.

Our customer obsession paid off when the brand achieved its highest-ever scores# on key brand metrics of Saliency and Consideration.

Bold & Audacious:

With path-breaking campaigns like Open network & Postpaid promise, our communication has always been about building transparency and trust with our consumers.


We have always been a company of “many firsts” like 1st 4G, 1st open network, 1st payments bank, 1st rewards program in the industry. Finding innovative solutions to real customer problems keeps us running.

Aspirational. Youthful. Energetic:

With its youthful and energetic imagery, Airtel has always positioned itself as an Aspirational brand.


Y-o-Y increase as per March 2019 exit scores


Y-o-Y increase as per March 2019 exit scores

Advancing Digital Innovation

Airtel X Labs

Since inception, Airtel has focused on breaking communication barriers with a passion to enrich lives of customers. At Airtel X Labs, a team of highly experienced individuals processes 100s of trillions of records that get generated from calls, network, apps, IoT devices, phones, GPS and more to deliver innovative solutions across a spectrum of consumer, business and business partners. The data is protected under “Bharti Airtel Information Privacy Policy (BIPP)” which is in alignment with the Information Technology (IT) Rules 2011 and best practices of GDPR regulation.


An industry first offering, #airtelThanks is a structured rewards program launched in FY 2018-19, that is designed to deliver exclusive benefits and rewards to Airtel Mobile customers. A unique loyalty platform, that feeds on real-time events in a customer’s lifecycle. Airtel has built this platform on two fundamental innovations - customer 360° view and partnerships. The analytics of the platform runs real time mapped to each customer profile backed with an Open API that is tied to partnership with 3rd party service provider for any provisional billing. The platform is integrated with a scalable model of own subscription engine and provisional billing engine for prompt activation of any service.

eCAF - Background Uniformity and Whiteness Detection application

A robust and dynamic software tool built to process Customer Application Form (CAF) faster, while meeting all regulatory requirements. The eCAF tool enables processing of photographs of client using complex algorithms like Face Detection, Contour Detection and Whiteness Detection, to ensure only genuine images are allowed.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Our development of OCR has helped process KYC data from an image within 350 milliseconds (0.35 seconds) with more than 95% accuracy. The tool helps scan data from multiple KYC documents Advancing digital innovation like Aadhaar, Pan Card and Voter ID. We submitted our OCR technology in the International Conference on Document Analysis and Recognition (ICDAR) competition where we were ranked 6th globally
Accuracy to read data imaging from KYC documents

Chatbot and Voicebot

An automated redressal tool, chatbot and voicebot help resolve queries on self-service mode covering issues ranging from account activation, new products and services and more. The intelligent tool is embedded with fully functional speech to text model with Hinglish (commonly spoken form of Hindi with English embedded words) with extremely high accuracy rate. This has helped customers avoid waiting on call to speak to customer care representative with quicker resolution to their queries.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Connectivity is the future of communication across platforms with IoT playing a crucial role. Airtel is a trusted IoT connectivity provider offering Connectivity Management Platform (CMP) enabling millions of customers to stay connected. The home-grown CMP platform is purpose built and scalable using latest technologies and micro services architecture. In addition, IoT team is offering Device Management & Application Enablement Platform to build various E2E IoT solutions.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The digital team at Airtel has adapted modern day machine learning mechanism to engage the customers in a OmniChannel environment understanding, measuring and maximizing their requirements. The Digital Intelligence team of scientists and data engineers works to create micro-targeting approach to improve the element of personalization for each Airtel customer.

My Circle App

An innovative, user-friendly and carrier agnostic safety app, My Circle was launched in partnership with the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) Ladies Organization. An app designed to empower women in any distress or panic situation, it sends an SOS alert with user’s location over SMS to specific contacts with compatibility in 13 different languages.

An inspiring workforce

Our people are the foundation of our success. We continue to attract, grow and retain a talented, skilled and diverse workforce, driven by a culture of digital innovation and strong ethics. Our team comprises of experts from Fortune 500 companies and leading tech companies with education from the top technology colleges in the country and abroad. We are committed to build an environment that enables our employees to flourish, fostering a sense of trust and responsibility towards organizational goals.