With the rapid transformations in the telecom industry, customer expectations have been changing as well. And for a good reason, digital experience is set to become seamless.

For us, after 23 remarkable years of serving the Indian market and consistently delivering on the trust placed on us by our customers, the challenge has not been to keep pace with it all – but to surpass the present standards and create something that could very well be touted as the future of digital experiences in our nation. Which culminated into #airtelThanks

We are looking forward to building #airtelThanks into a large scale telco-brand collaboration property, which will set the precedence for a telecom experience like no other. We are keen on being a differentiator not just for the sake of it; we strive to set new standards of innovation, service, customer relationship and excellence in this industry. We wish to show that possibilities are endless once you’re willing to stretch beyond the familiar.

And thereby, we aim to create the future of digital experiences which the people of India so clearly deserve!

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** Including JV in Ghana

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the Chairman

"#airtelThanks turned out to be an extremely successful initiative in this regard helping us deliver greater value to customers in terms of content and services."

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"We are truly very excited about building #airtelThanks into a large scale ‘telco-brand’ collaboration property.”

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