At Airtel X Labs, our work has been fundamentally transforming the way people communicate and the way businesses operate. Since our early days in the mobile era, Airtel has worked relentlessly to break down communication barriers and deliver solutions that truly enrich the lives of our customers. This, indeed, has been at the core of our attempts at creating the future of digital experiences.

Today, we generate

100’s of trillions of records

annually from calls, network, apps, IoT devices, phones, GPS and more. Very few entities in India, or globally, come even within the lower orders of magnitude of this volume of data. The data is protected under “Bharti Airtel Information Privacy Policy (BIPP)” which is in alignment with the Information Technology (IT) Rules 2011 and best practices of GDPR regulation.

The approach to solving critical business problems for Airtel is similar to creating a 3-layered cake. We need to understand, measure and maximize personalization for every customer; and engage them in an OmniChannel environment with recommended services and offers. To maximize customer engagement and happiness and to minimize churn, we continuously optimize our Intelligent network. Multiple teams such as Growth, Product Engineering, Data Intelligence, IoT and Experience Design work closely with Product Management and Product Engineering to develop world class products that entertain and inform, connect devices to the internet, enable businesses to securely harness the power of their data, and there helps one keep pace with the rapidly progressing world.

The Growth team at Airtel X Labs drives user retention, acquisitions, and revenue by optimizing Airtel’s products and inventing high-impact marketing channels. For example, the growth team built the Airtel Online Store to enable customers to buy premium devices with instant credit verification and approval, and secure plans – all with a few clicks.

The Digital Intelligence team works across the company to process high volumes of data, create microtargeting marketing campaigns, improve personalization and optimization, ensure revenue, and generate reporting and analytics. The platform triggers insights from activities of 400+ million customers.

At its core, the Product team ensures that Airtel retains its competitive edge in a rapidly-evolving digital landscape. From customer experience and online experience to data services and incubations, the team’s focus is to innovate, personalize and differentiate the Airtel experience by making it future forward. This team forms the basis of all innovations in design and experience –across products such as My Airtel App, Wynk, Airtel Payments Bank et. al.

In addition to building products, Airtel X Labs is focused on improving connectivity through IoT. This team spans automotive automation, movable assets, smart energy and smart cities.

Wynk is not merely a company, but is an inspired, passionate, curious and empathetic group of people that wants to push the boundaries of technology for the greatest cause they pursue - entertainment. Ranked consistently as the top music app across play-stores in India, Wynk platform carries 6 million songs in 14 languages. It has a highly engaged user base; an average user spends 450 minutes on the app every month.

The core of success at X Labs is our people. We have a strong group of product gurus, engineers, data scientists, experience/ interface designers and industry experts from around the world. Our team members have previously worked at Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, Flipkart, Walmart Labs, Nokia, and startups in India and abroad. They are graduates of leading global institutions – Indian Institute of Technology, Indian Institute of Science, Indian Statistical Institute, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, to name a few. Such a varied, skilled and expansive group helps us further in developing a bouquet of truly unique, and exciting digital products and services that resonates with our customers and brings them closer to new age digital experiences.