Total number of employees
Employees under the age of 30
~34 years
Average age of our employees
3+ Mn
Gross revenue per employee per month
Employee engagement score (out of 5)
67.5 Mn
Total spend on all trainings
16.82 Hours
Total training per employee

Creating a talent pool

Emerging as one of the largest telecom provider in the world is no mean feat. But our dynamic and vivacious talent pool has ensured that Airtel continues to steadfastly climb up the ranks. And here we are today, standing at the zenith of success, leading with more than 400 million customers, globally

We trust in the magic of transformational experiences. Through our overarching strategy of ‘Win With People’ we have endeavoured to create a philosophy that seeks to sustain a growth that is symbiotic in nature. We have built an eco-system that helps create an impact across five people pillars at Airtel.

Under the ambit of human resource objectives, Airtel recognises the importance of enabling its employees to grasp concepts, master skills and ultimately blossom into future leaders. The digital platforms therefore ensure that the employees progress dynamically to sustain their career growth.

Master of craft

We acknowledge the importance of learning and educational initiatives. At Airtel, we believe in curating modern and futuristic education solutions. These measures in turn facilitate the employees to achieve higher and distinguished levels of functional proficiency thereby influencing organisational performance.

Building a digital learning culture

At Airtel, we believe that if a learning culture comes first, performance will follow. In the wake of modernism seeping into the essence of business organisations, we believe that an environment promoting learning and development becomes crucial for the Company’s overall performance. We reckon that having incorporated a comprehensive learning eco-system, we have effectively put into motion, a winning strategy that correlates to the performance of our business and aids us to effectively set future goals in the process.

As a responsible and future-driven organization, Airtel has incorporated digital initiatives that create an impact throughout the lifecycle of the employee working with us.

Decoding Telecom Network

We believe in building the functional efficiencies of our employees and enhancing their understanding of the various network verticals at Airtel. For employees to solve on-ground customer problems effectively, this program seeks to teach them the insights of network and comprehend the impact of various technologies.

This enhanced understanding helps the teams to troubleshoot better on the ground, which results in faster query and complaint resolution, reduction in customer calls and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Holistic trainings

At Airtel we take a holistic approach to workforce development with an integrated approach that factors all the development aspects like Functional, Behavioural and Leadership.

Functional Training

At Airtel, we prioritise our employees and strive to endow them with the required skills and capacities to generate functional efficiency. Our functional training program includes induction, functional knowledge and skills by incorporating a customer-centric mindset to keep pace with changing times.

177,070 Training hours
3,000 Training interventions

Behavioural Training

We recognise the importance of behavioural training and have been able to include it within our allencompassing strategy of building a learning culture. The program includes modules of collaborative relationships, problem-solving, design thinking and communication.

24,635 Training hours
270 Training interventions

Leadership Training

Our leadership training program is designed to focus on mentoring and building future leaders with communication, self-awareness, resilience and agility as focus areas. The program provides insights on effective learning for higher management levels covering employees at managerial levels.

39,140 Training hours
178 Training interventions

Digital learning platforms

As an organisation en route to its digital metamorphosis, it becomes significant for us to adhere to digital learning platforms that are relevant and appropriate. With our agenda of providing every employee an opportunity to learn and grow, we have been successful in animating a culture that values learning.

₹ 21.6 Mn
Total amount invested in online training
₹ 12,633
Number of employees who took online training
₹ 161,641
Manhours of online training attended

At Airtel, we have created platforms that provide premium content quality, binding employees in a chain of learning, development and knowledge sharing. Some of the platforms we currently host are:


At Airtel we sought to redefine and rejuvenate processes and procedures by which our employees think, operate and collaborate in alignment with radical changes at industry level. With an aim to fulfil the criteria of skills and knowledge, we conducted a mixed bag of functional, behavioural and leadership trainings throughout the year. Our guiding principles for learning and development are:

Digital to be the primary medium for learning
Clarity of ownership: functions to coown Learning Agenda
Equipping employees to own their development: Providing clarity on learning offerings
Maximizing impact through Leader - led trainings
Training hours

Airtel 101

With the purpose of enhancing the functional knowledge of our employees, we launched this mobile app for all our employees who are presented with courses in the form of byte sized units.

Training hours


Provides employees an opportunity to learn and receive certifications from international universities strongly integrated to our learning strategy. The platform is open to all B1 employees and above on a self-nomination basis.

Training hours


Imparts knowledge on the latest technology and innovation with online video training courses for select employees in Airtel X Labs and network on nomination basis.

Training hours
Courses done

New initiatives undertaken inFY 2018-19

  • Launch of New Induction Platform – Centum Learning
  • Launch of Learning Menu Card
  • Launch of Common Leadership Academies
  • Movement of Learning Data to Microsoft Business Intelligence
  • Launch of new & improved version of Airtel 101 App

Learnings across employee life cycle

Leadership Development

At Airtel, the quest for maintaining organisational viability and effectiveness is never-ending. We believe that the right work culture includes the values of not just learning but also leading by example. With programs under the pillar of leadership, guiding us forward in our journey, we aim to engender a work culture which shall signal the genesis of future leaders and consequently a business that will thrive on monumental success.

Airtel Leadership Academies

With an objective to provide a common framework for all functions related to leadership development, our leadership training activities are held to aid us in preparing and streamlining internal talent to push them forward for higher roles.

For inducting middle management individuals, meticulous procedures are adopted in order to shortlist the best of the talents. As of now, 98 individuals have been enlisted to undergo development in order to step onto higher roles.

For posts pertaining to top management, the formation of Executive Leadership Program is currently underway at the Airtel Leadership Academy. This program shall aim to groom future leaders featuring in select succession pipelines.

Succession rate – Middle and top management

Ascent 2.0

A passionate and lively team fosters trust, collaboration and generates higher levels of efficiency. With an aim to provide participants valuable insights about team building and alignment, the programs covered managers and sought to convey the formula for creating highly engaged and energized teams

People managers covered

Hire Right

With a view to focus on recruitment techniques that are to be used during the selection process, this program was a one-day experiential program which incorporated the utility of recruitment tools and frameworks such as the ‘STAR model’, Competency based interviewing and Behavioural Event Interviewing (BEI) through role plays and group exercises.

Managers covered

Investing in our people, consistently!

At Airtel, we believe in providing employees with opportunities to grow and transform into leaders of tomorrow. We acknowledge the fact that growth and succession are important differentiators that segregates the gifted from the ordinary. With an extraordinarily talented workforce, we strive to create programs that aim at extracting and attracting top talent to strengthen our inventory of potential synergists.

Young Leaders Program

The Young Leaders Program is a 12-month structured program for young recruits from premiere B-schools. Established in 2001, the Program is aimed at creating a pool of business leaders for tomorrow, who are mentored under the direct ownership of Airtel Management Board. The Young Leaders get an opportunity to interact with senior leaders and learn from them. The program exposes Young Leaders to different aspects of the organization through various stints like Functional Stint, Cross-Functional Stint, Global Stint and Corporate Social Responsibility functions


No. of campuses visited under Young Leaders Program


No. of campuses visited under Young Technical Leaders Program


Young Leaders (9 females) were recruited in FY 2018-19


Young Technical Leaders (16 females) were recruited in FY 2018-19

Benefit of the program:

  • It allows Airtel to enrich its human capital and generate a pool of talented employees who are ready to take up higher positions. No. of recruits who moved to a higher level post the training program:


    Young Leaders (48 out of 51) moved to the next level after one year program


    Young Technical Leaders (61 out of 74) moved to the next level after one year program
  • The program also facilitates higher retention as the recruits receive advanced training and advance faster in their career.

Building leaders of tomorrow

It is essential to analyse the achievements and efficiency of the top performers. At Airtel, we believe that the right cognitive aptitude, attitude and behaviour makes an individual stand out. We acknowledge the need of ramping up the career growth of employees who display potential to spearhead diverse functions of work. We at Airtel incorporate succession strategies to build the pipeline of prospective leaders, leveraged through learning and development opportunities. Under this, various contingencies are covered like global stints, exposure across different functional positions and places, action learning projects and guidance and support from senior leadership.

Talent calibration exercise

We seek to gauge the true potential and critical skill sets of our employees starting at the Vice President level and above with a thorough assessment. To simplify the process of identifying talent, a Succession Docket/Dossier is prepared and maintained on a biannual basis, which is a repository of information related to the incumbents.

We believe in the power of oneness and togetherness. At Airtel, employee engagement remains one of the most important aspects of our ‘Win With People’ strategy. We seek to inculcate an engaged and responsive workforce that is committed, devoted and fiercely loyal to Airtel.

Airtel X Labs

Creation of Airtel X Labs as the digital brand for Airtel is to attract digital talent for Airtel. We created employervalue proposition for Airtel X Labs with a launch in November, 2018 for the internal employees. Airtel X Labs articulates and defines values that keep customer at the core of everything. Based on the values of Customer orientation, Collaboration, Ownership, Courage, Curiosity and Innovation and bias for action, Airtel X Labs has created a positive impact on our employees.

Create an impact at scale with new product development that can impact millions of people
Get an opportunity to solve complex problems by creating disruptive solutions
Move fast and learn faster by encouraging risk-taking and experimentation
Work with the best of minds and technologies in an ecosystem that is built to inspire


The engagement survey is run via a chatbot called Amber that reaches out to employees at pre-designated touchpoints. We have shifted from conventional methods of measuring employee engagement to a method which allows us to better capture our employees' perceptions, expectations and satisfaction level. Amber uses a tenure based questionnaire which ensures that at each lifecycle touchpoint, the employee gets questions asked

that are relevant to him. The feedback is analysed by each tenure, hence, we can deep dive into details of our employee feedback. This allows us to derive more meaningful data at a granular level which can be used to design suitable action to ensure employee retention and satisfaction.

Employee engagement score (out of 5)

Workplace by Facebook

We believe that digital innovation is relevant today and we try our best to combine new-age digital platforms into the ecosystem of our corporate culture. Workplace by Facebook is one such tool which has transformed our communication and collaboration process.


The quest for walking the extra mile to gather information stops with HIVE. A one-stopshop solution, this information sharing app with an easy user interface is available to all the employees at Airtel to enhance their knowledge.

Employee Welfare

We, at Airtel, consider the safety and security of our employees to be one of our key priorities. With great power comes the responsibility to safeguard it. With a view to protect and preserve the welfare of our people, we have developed and implemented policies that strengthen our commitment to guarantee a protected and safe workplace.

Our Health & Safety Policies

Arrangements concerning the safety and security of our employees and their working environment are plenty. We have set up stringent policies and facilities which include:

  • Workplace Safety Policy
  • Health Safety Policy
  • Environment Policy
  • Domestic Travel Safety and Security Policy
  • Policy for Safety of Women
  • Health Insurance Policy
  • HIV/AIDS Policy
  • Parental Leave Policy
  • Work from home Policy
  • Child care facilities

What it is for Airtel

More than 12,000 employees have an active Workplace account.
The tool encourages team participation and engagement with the leadership by facilitating two-way communication.
The platform is available on the desktop and as a mobile app which enables connectivity and communication on-the-go and is complete with features such as live videos, groups and news feed to enable the people to stay connected.
The platform has helped promote cross-cultural and functional collaboration and promoted a spirit of ‘One Airtel’.

Awards and Accolades – Recognising Employee contributions

Praise and recognition are essential for creating a workplace that is looked upto with reverence and admiration. Employees respond to appreciation expressed through rewards and recognition which in turns consolidates the faith of the workforce in their Company and leads to better productivity and final results.


We cherish the untiring efforts and zealous contributions our employees put in for making Airtel a leader in its own rights. At the core of our employee engagement scheme remains our acknowledgement of their efforts through Kudos. Centred around the objective of conferring accolades on our employees, Kudos is our recognition program that rewards our employees for their sustained efforts. The awards are classified into various categories that include Instant Awards, Planned Awards in the nature of Silver, Gold and Diamond Awards and Long Service Awards etc.

Instant Awards

Planned Awards (Silver, Gold and Diamond)

Long Service Awards

A Diversified Space

The importance of workplace diversity cannot be understated. One of the most significant qualifiers of any organization is its ability to maintain diversity in its workforce which comprises of not just a healthy mix of varied individuals but also embraces a gender neutral approach for the workforce. The advantages are innumerable when it comes to maintaining a healthy gender ratio and diverse workforce personnel in the human resources sector.

In tune with the policy of maintaining diversity, Airtel is committed to creating a work ecosystem that comprises of a diverse workforce which seeks to serve and employ people irrespective of their past disadvantages, gender, disabilities and eliminates any possibilities of discrimination.

Females out of total employees
10.64% of management workforce consist of female employees