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FASTag and the significance of colours - 1

FASTag and the significance of colours

There was a time when long queues on India’s national highway toll booths were a common sight. Fast forward to the implementation of FASTag and those long queues are no longer in sight. As a result, you can now zoom past a toll booth without having to stop for a long time.

FASTag RFID scanners will scan your FASTag sticker, and the amount gets deducted directly from your FASTag account. Simple, easy to manage and convenient for all. Not to add, much faster than before. Just ensure that you use a good UPI payments app to recharge your FASTag account from time to time. Thus, the benefits of FASTag are there for all to see. 

While FASTag and its numerous benefits have now made it a household name, did you know that the FASTag sticker that you get is based on your vehicle’s colour? If you did not, then here’s our blog so that you can understand how FASTag colours can differ, from one car to another.

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What do the FASTag colours indicate?

FASTag colours are dependent on the kind of vehicle that you have. The FASTag colour is decided by the issuing authority itself, which means that you will not be allowed to choose a colour based on your personal preferences.

Here’s a chart on the different types of FASTag colours and their respective vehicle types:

FASTag colour Vehicle Type
Violet Jeep, van, car, or any mini light commercial vehicle
Orange Minibus or any light commercial vehicle
Green Bus & trucks with 2 axles
Yellow Bus & trucks with 3 axles
Pink Trucks with 4,5 and 6 axles, tractors with or without trailer
Blue Truck with 7 axles and above
Black Heavy construction vehicle or earth mover

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FASTag and the significance of colours - 2

How does FASTag work?

FASTag works with the help of RFID scanners. Now, there are two primary components here: the tag itself and the scanner. Now, as soon as your vehicle enters a specific lane on the toll plaza, the RFID scanners will start scanning your FASTag sticker.

The chip within the tag and the antenna will help you to determine the toll fare. The chip itself contains all the data of your car, such as vehicle class, weight, registration number and other such information. 

The complete FASTag process

Here is a step-by-step breakdown of the complete FASTag process for better understanding:

  • Your car enters the toll plaza lane
  • The RFID scanner receives all the information needed about your car by scanning your FASTag sticker installed on the windshield of your car
  • The bank which will deduct the funds from your FASTag account will also get these details
  • The bank will also verify if your FASTag is valid
  • The toll amount is requested via NETC Mapper (which is a FASTag information library)
  • NETC Mapper then sends the request to your bank account linked to FASTag
  • Your FASTag issuing bank deducts the toll amount from your linked account
  • After the funds are deducted, your bank sends an alert to NETC Mapper
  • NETC Mapper then sends the information back to the bank which raised the request first
  • The initial bank informs the toll plaza that the toll fee has been paid
  • The boom barrier for your respective lane opens and you are free to go

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What are some of the best features of FASTag?

Here is a list of some of the best features of FASTag that have made it so popular:

Get SMS Alerts

You will get SMS alerts from your bank for all the transactions that happen via your FASTag.

Easy online recharges

Recharging your FASTag is incredibly easy. You just have to enter your FASTag number, and you can either fill up your FASTag account with money, or you can ensure that the amount gets debited from your account directly from your bank account linked to FASTag.

Use web portals

You can access all your FASTag transactions through web portals and ensure that you were not charged anything extra, by going through the statement.

Multiple ways to buy your FASTag

If you are looking to buy a new FASTag, then there are multiple ways in which you can do so:

  • You can purchase your FASTag online and the RFID tag will be delivered to your doorstep
  • Once you complete your KYC and submit the vehicle registration documents, you will get your FASTag instantly
  • You can also go to any partner bank and get a new FASTag issued for you

Thus, we hope now you have a clear idea of how FASTag works and how the different colour codes of FASTag matter. Apply FASTag on your car or any vehicle and pay your toll tax seamlessly.