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How to check Airtel SIM prepaid or postpaid?

How to check if the SIM is prepaid or postpaid connection?

Sim cards are an integral part of a phone. These small integrated circuits store the user’s information and carry the ability to connect phones all over the world using network signals by various telecom partners. In simple words, your phone needs an active sim to function. Although, VoIP or Wi-Fi calling are gradually making their space, normal calls using sim card network will stay relevant for a long time.

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Just having a sim card is not enough. You need to make sure that the sim card is active and is recharged with a relevant prepaid or postpaid plan. Without that, your sim won’t have the ability to connect to a network. Therefore, you need to recharge your SIM regularly or pay the postpaid bills on time for continued network service.

To recharge your phone with best plan, you need to know if you have a prepaid connection or a postpaid connection. If you don’t know whether your SIM is prepaid or postpaid, don’t worry! Today’s article will discuss about the same. We will answer questions like how to know if your SIM is prepaid or postpaid or how to check Airtel sim is prepaid or postpaid? Along with this, we will also discuss ways to port your Airtel prepaid number to postpaid and how to pay your postpaid bills.

So, let’s get started!

How to check the sim is postpaid or prepaid?

There are multiple methods to check if your Airtel number is prepaid or postpaid.

Using the Airtel Thanks app

If you are a smartphone user, this is the easiest way to check if your SIM is prepaid or postpaid. Follow the below steps to check if you have a prepaid or postpaid connection:

  • If still not downloaded, then you need to install the Airtel Thanks app on your smartphone. It is available on both App Store and Google Play Store.
  • In case you already have the app, make sure you have the updated version. Now, open the Airtel Thanks app.
  • The Airtel Thanks app has various sections like manage, pay, shop, discover, and help. You will get your information on the home page named Manage.
  • If you only use Airtel’s prepaid or postpaid service, you will see a tab on the top left corner of the app screen with a recharge button. Look closely, the header of the tab states the type of connection you have. If it’s prepaid, it will say prepaid in small font.
  • In case you are using multiple Airtel services, you will see a services tab on the top left corner of the screen. Tap on it. You will be redirected to a new page.
  • Here, you will be able to see a list of your active Airtel services. If you are using a prepaid SIM, it will say prepaid. If your connection is postpaid, it will say postpaid.

You can use the app to browse through prepaid and postpaid plans and recharge/do postpaid bill payment easily.

If you are not a smartphone user and can’t access the app on your phone, the following methods will help you answer the question – how to know SIM is prepaid or postpaid?

How to check Airtel SIM prepaid or postpaid?

Contact Airtel Customer Care

If your Airtel number still has active plan or connection and is able to make and receive incoming and outgoing calls, then pick up your phone, dial Airtel customer care’s number.

You can call at 121 which is chargeable at 50 paise/3 minutes to get Agent assistance.


  • Dial 198 – a toll free number to register any complaints or get answers for any query.
  • You can use the IVR steps to talk to our agents and ask them if your SIM is prepaid or postpaid.
  • If your Airtel number is not active and you can’t receive or make calls, you can use any other operator’s number to contact Airtel customer care.
  • Dial 9810012345 or 9810198101 for queries regarding your SIM card.

Visit the nearest Airtel store

You can also visit the nearest Airtel store to check if your SIM is prepaid or postpaid. Visit the store and ask our local agent to assist you. Once you know if your SIM is prepaid or postpaid, you can check for the relevant plans and get your SIM recharged right from the store easily.

To locate the nearest Airtel store, use Airtel store locator or simply google and check about the same.

You can also ask the agent to help you with the process of porting your prepaid number to postpaid. Postpaid connection with us is affordable and comes with no hidden charges. Let discuss the steps in detail.

How to port from Airtel prepaid to postpaid?

The switch from Airtel prepaid to postpaid is easy and fast. Follow the below steps to port SIM to postpaid:

  • Head to Airtel official website.
  • Go to Airtel postpaid tab and click on the drop down.
  • Choose ‘Switch Prepaid to Postpaid’ option.
  • The app will now redirect you to a new page with postpaid plans.
  • Go through the postpaid plans starting from Rs. 399. Click on Buy for the plan you wish to recharge your postpaid SIM with.
  • Again, the app will redirect you to a new page. You need to fill a form with various details to process the port request.
  • Enter your mobile number, address for KYC, and answer if you want a new postpaid connection, switch to Airtel for porting, or go for Airtel prepaid to postpaid. Since you wish to port from Airtel prepaid to postpaid, please select the right option.
  • Now click on submit.
  • Soon, an Airtel representative will contact you for scheduling doorstep KYC and delivery of your new postpaid SIM.
  • Your number will remain same as the prepaid one.

It will take around 48 hours, post KYC, for your new postpaid number to be active. Moreover, there will be no downtime while you are switching to Airtel postpaid. Till the porting process is not complete, your prepaid number will be active.

You can check the postpaid plans on our official website or on the Airtel Thanks app. Once your number is active, you can pay your postpaid bills on the Airtel Thanks app. Thus, this is how to know if your SIM is prepaid or postpaid and how to port to Airtel postpaid from the comfort of your home.