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Mobile network not available

How to resolve “Mobile Network Not Available” issue on phone


Is your phone displaying ‘mobile network not available’ error constantly? We know how it can be! This is a common error faced by many users. Without mobile network you cannot connect to the internet or place local or international calls. Mobile network is one of the basic requirements for any functioning phone. There can be many contributing factors as to why mobile network is not available in your phone. Both prepaid and postpaid SIM cards can have this issue. We will discuss more about these factors further in the article. But, before that, let’s quickly look at the solution for this error.

As mentioned above, there are several possible factors contributing to the mobile network issue. Every factor has a different solution. Therefore, you might have to try various troubleshooting techniques to fix your mobile network error. Read on to know in detail about these effective troubleshooting techniques.

How to fix ‘mobile network not available’ error?

The following methods are troubleshooting techniques to fix your phone. They don’t require proper technical know-how.

On/Off Airplane mode

The Airplane mode switches on and off your mobile network. If you switch it off and on again, it can help your phone to connect to the cellular network easily. Most of the Android devices have the Airplane mode shortcut in the slide menu showing time and date details.

Just slide down from the top of your home or lock screen and click on Airplane mode to switch it on. Wait for 5-10 seconds and switch it off by clicking on it again. If it was a small error, your cellular network will restart again, and mobile network not available error will stop.

Restart your phone

Simply restarting your phone can also fix mobile network not available error. By restarting your phone, background apps or memory leaks causing the error are cleared. It helps the phone to fix crashes. Haven’t we all tried restarting our phones for every phone error whatsoever? Use the same logic and see if it helps with your issue.

Remove your sim card and put it back in the slot

Sometimes, your sim card might have shifted from its original place due to high impact fall or shift. Therefore, the SIM card finds it difficult to connect with a cellular network. All you need to do is open your sim card slot by using a pin. Adjust your sim. Use this opportunity to clean the tray with a soft cloth. Put your sim properly in the tray and close the tray.

You can also try isolating the issue by putting in another sim card in your phone. If you are getting network using the other sim, the issue is probably with your sim. It can be damaged. In this case, you will need to contact your telco partner to get a new sim immediately.

Switch off data roaming

Data roaming should only be enabled if you are outside your primary network circle. It should only be enabled when traveling abroad. A turned-on data roaming feature can interfere with your mobile network. Therefore, you should turn if off and check once. Both Apple and Android phones usually have this feature in the ‘Settings’ section.

Update the phone’s software to fix mobile network not available issue

Often considered as waste of data, contrarily software updates are very important to fix existing bugs and introduce new advanced features in the phone. Go to the ‘Settings’ section, tap on System>System update to see if there are any pending updates. Updating your firmware can fix your mobile network problem. Do try this step.

Move to another place

This is by far one of the simplest methods to fix your mobile network issue. Sometimes, simply moving to a different location can help you get better network. We all have done it! Try this simple method.

The above-mentioned were a few easy troubleshooting methods. If none of these steps work for you, the issue might be deep rooted. However, you can still try the below listed advanced methods.

How to fix ‘mobile network unavailable’ error using advanced methods?

Tweak and reset network settings

Sometimes, you need to reset your network from the settings app in your phone.

  • Go to Connection and Sharing>Reset Wi-Fi, mobile networks, and Bluetooth.
  • Tap on Reset settings.

Your phone will restart. Now, check if your network issue is solved or not. These steps are applicable only for the latest version of Android phones. You can find these options in the settings app in any other phone.

Connect with your telco partner

This step will help you to understand if the issue is from your end or simply a downtime in your locality. If you are an Airtel user and are facing mobile network not available in Airtel sim, you can reach out to our customer care by calling 121 or take live chat support from the Airtel Thanks app.

Try out Factory Reset to fix mobile network not available issue

If the above steps don’t fix your problem, you will need to format your phone. Factory reset will wipe all your data including pictures, documents, videos, saved accounts, etc. It basically brings your phone back to its original state. Before performing this step, we suggest you take a backup. You can reset your phone from the settings app in your phone. It is better you perform this step under the supervision of a customer care support executive.

We have listed down all possible solutions for this error. Let’s also understand why your mobile network is not available in the first place.

Why mobile network is not available?

In most of the cases, poor reception in your area can be the main culprit. In addition to this, any incorrect mobile network setting or a damaged/displaced SIM card can be the culprits of your issue. Old software/firmware can also be a contributing factor.

To sum up, keep your firmware updated and SIM card protected to make sure something like this doesn’t happen again. Or you can just go for our postpaid connection which never fails to offer seamless connectivity.

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