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How to use eSIM for international travel?

International trips are truly exciting, be it for business or leisure. However, when you are outside your country, how do you stay connected, especially when you have an eSIM on your phone? If you have a regular SIM card, you could have still swapped that out for a local SIM. Getting a local SIM is not a good option, safety and benefits wise, but it was still an option regardless. However, you cannot get that with an eSIM.

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So, what do you do in such a scenario? As always, Airtel has got you covered once again, with the help of Airtel International Roaming Plans. In this blog, we will tell you how to use your eSIM when you are on an international trip and how Airtel offers the best eSIM plans for international travel. 

How do I set up my eSIM for international travel?

Going on an international trip soon? If you already have an Airtel eSIM card, then here is how you set it up:

  • Download the Airtel Thanks app
  • On the app, go to the Manage tab 
  • Buy a new International Roaming plan
  • Browse from the variety of plans available
  • Complete the payment

The international roaming pack process remains the same whether you have an eSIM or a physical Airtel postpaid SIM card.

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How do I use my International Roaming pack for eSIM?

You can buy any of Airtel International Roaming Plans 365 days before you leave for your international trip. The plan will be activated but you will only be charged from the roaming plan when you use the plan benefits (such as voice, data, or SMS) outside of India. You do not have to physically activate the international roaming pack for your eSIM. As soon as you reach your destination, the pack will be activated.

Some extra tips for using an International Roaming pack with an eSIM

Here are some effective tips on how to use your Airtel eSIM for international roaming:

Download the eSIM on your phone before departure

Although you can activate an eSIM once you reach your destination, it’s advisable to download and set it up beforehand to avoid any connectivity issues upon arrival.

Make sure to back up your data

Always keep a backup of the QR code or activation details in case you need to reactivate your eSIM.

Check the data usage on your eSIM

Keep an eye on your data consumption to avoid exceeding your plan limits. Use the Airtel Thanks app to check your IR plan details.

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How to fix common issues with an eSIM on international trips

Facing issues with your eSIM on your international trip? Here is what you can do:

  • Make sure that the eSIM is activated properly and check your plan details
  • If you are having data problems, check if your cellular data is toggled on
  • Contact Airtel International Roaming customer care, via call or WhatsApp at +91-9910099100 (International toll free)

Why should I choose an eSIM?

An eSIM offers many added benefits that are not offered with a regular or physical SIM card. Here are some of them:

eSIM offers convenience

With an eSIM, there’s no need to visit a store or wait for a SIM card to be delivered. You can download a new plan directly to your phone, even before you depart.

No more hassle of managing physical SIMs

While we are used to the traditional SIM cards, they are prone to damage and can often get damaged if you are frequently changing the SIMs on your phone’s SIM slot. 

eSIM reduces your carbon footprint

Want to reduce e-waste? An eSIM is basically a software feature that provides all the features of a regular SIM card, whilst reducing your carbon footprint at the same time.

Therefore, eSIM has made international travel even easier than before. International travel packs from Airtel are also much better than choosing any local SIM cards, that often charge more and provide lesser benefits. Plus, with a local SIM, you also have a brand new phone number that needs to be shared with friends or family. 

If you already have an eSIM with you, then get yourself any of Airtel’s international roaming plans and make the most of your international trip. There are multiple prepaid as well as postpaid plans available, and Airtel offers seamless connectivity in more than 180 countries across the globe. In addition, the 24×7 customer support is also there for you.

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