With businesses moving across continents and the need for data transmission increasing day by day, it is important for them to have access to an uninterrupted and integrated communication network, supporting latest technologies and applications.


Strengthening Airtel’s terrestrial fiber network, the satellite services provide high-speed broadband access with latency reduction and faster speed, making Airtel unbeatable in terms of reliability and seamless connectivity.


Offering superior quality services to emerging markets, Airtel provides a wide array of integrated solutions including voice, video and data transmission, 2G, 3G, 4G, maritime connectivity, VSAT broadband, Media & Broadcast solutions and Offshore telecom support.


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Capacity & Operations

Airtel has over 1000+ MHz of satellite capacity, 100+ turnkey projects in 32 countries.


Airtel distributes 800 TV channels (UHD/HD/SD) on DTH platform. uplinking over 60 TV channels (HD/SD) on MCPC platform.

Project Experience

With its efficient workforce, Airtel has an experience of 600,000+ Man days in International projects.



Satellite IPLC | Satellite Internet | Cellular Backhaul | Enterprise Networks | Off-Shore Connect | Maritime Services

Media Services

Media Distribution | Media Integration | Media Management

Global Transformation Solutions

Network Integration Service | Network Operation Service | Network Consultancy Service


Plug & Play Service

Offering faster deployment facility, enabling you to connect instantly.

Integrated Qualities of Service

Services are optimized for VoIP to generate new sources of revenue.

Wide Coverage

Single window service offers you the opportunity to tap areas which are not reachable by wired or microwave access.