In today's era, businesses are spread across the world and it has become necessary to connect with regional offices quickly and securely to gain the required business agility. With sensitive data at stake, companies now stress on secured dedicated channels which can be customized according to their needs. With ever expanding business plans, companies demand services which are scalable and can dynamically cater to their increasing demand of bandwidth options.


Airtel Business offers International Private Line services for companies who are looking to scale their business operations and need high bandwidth options, i.e., anywhere between 2M to 100G, for communication within offices which are geographically dispersed throughout the world. With 65 global PoPs and 3,65,000+ RKM long robust network infrastructure, we offer point-to-point private lines that helps you expand and enjoy a direct link to offices even in remotest areas for end-to-end connectivity.


Key Features


Fully managed, high quality, and reliable data transmission service across the globe


Flexibility to select multiple bandwidth capacities ranging from 2M to multiple of 100G on various interfaces


Bandwidth available at speeds of 1GE, 10GE and 100GE with variety of interfaces: 10GE, 100GE, OTU2, and OTU4


Resilient network architecture for high bandwidth availability with minimum switching time and low latency link performance


Dynamically change the Bandwidth on multiple links to accommodate peak load


Low latency solution offering between major financial centers


On-demand availability of bandwidth basis the changing business needs


Unified management of entire infrastructure with best in class Network Operation center (NOC)


Strict adherence to planning, implementation and upgrades, resulting in zero bandwidth crunch and highest levels of service availability

Airtel Advantage


Robust enterprise grade connectivity with 65+ global PoPs and 3,60,000 Route KMs cable


Investments in 33 cable systems with full ownership in i2i & MENA


One of the first few telco providers to introduce ‘On-demand bandwidth service’ for IPLC


Partnerships with all major carriers across the global with NNIs at strategic PoPs


Leading world class bandwidth capacity and managed services at affordable rates


State-of-the-art Network Operation center (NOC) and 24*7 support to ensure short failover time and always available network

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