Dedicated, scalable, and secure network to expand your business globally

In the rapidly evolving global business environment, reliable and secure connectivity between all your regional offices is essential to gain competitive business agility. With sensitive data being exchanged every second, you need secured, dedicated channels that can be customized per your requirements. Besides, dynamic and scalable network bandwidth is also imperative to turn your ever-expanding business plans into successes.

Airtel’s Global Private Line solution offers seamless data and voice transmission across all major geographies with the help of a robust and diverse network. It provides high-quality and reliable, one-to-one and one-to-many connectivity, enabling you to get the data and application performance you need—where you need it.


Features & Benefits

Scalable bandwidth

Wide range of bandwidth options, from 2 Mbps to multiple Tbps, to scale your business

Resilient network

High bandwidth availability with minimum switching time and low-latency link performance

Dynamic bandwidth allocation

Dynmically load balance traffic across links to accommodate peak load

Service-level availability

Ensure seamless business continuity with strict adherence to planning, implementation and upgrades, resulting in zero bandwidth crunch

Superior performance

High-performing, point-to-point infrastructure, allowing highly secure and reliable transmission of data between various locations.

Highly cost-efficient

Access high-speed and scalable network at the most competitive prices

Get the Global Private Line advantage for your business

Wide coverage

Take advantage of our wide range of cables systems, routes and strategic alliances to seamlessly expand your operations all over the globe

Resilient network

Get robust, enterprise-grade connectivity with three-path diversity on all routes to ensure superior network performance

Seamless support

Our state-of-the-art Network Operation Centre (NOC) and 24x7 customer service ensures a short failover time and consistently available network

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Get the scalable network your business needs

Question on Global Private Line?

What is the uptime commitment on Global Private Line connectivity?

The uptime commitment is 99.5% for unprotected circuits, 99.90% for protected circuits.

What is the technology supported on the Airtel network?

Airtel provides both optics (WDM) & packet (Ethernet).

How well does Airtel deliver on diversity & how robust is its subsea network?

Our network is designed keeping in mind diverse cable system with diverse CLS. Each section has 3 cable system providing resiliency.

What are the bandwidth options available?

We can offer anything between 2Mb to multiple 100Gs. Our cable system can easily manage multi- terabit traffic.

Why Airtel Global Private Line?

With our dedicated solutions team, we can provide tailor-made cost effective point-to-point connectivity solutions across the globe. This is supported by 24x7 state of the art Network Operation Center (NOC) to provide complete peace of mind.