Reduce high infrastructure costs and scale your business faster with Airtel Contact Center As A Service (CCaaS)

    A customizable platform that evolves with your business. With a “pay as you go” model, leverage Airtel’s robust network and security protocols (SBCaaS), reducing your infrastructure deployment and maintenance costs.

    Handle customer inquiries related to product and provide technical support

    • Our cloud contact center integrates seamlessly with your knowledge base enabling agents to access product information swiftly and troubleshoot issues efficiently.
    • Customers receive real-time inventory updates ensuring they are informed about product availability and delivery timelines.
    contact center as a service

    Manage customer grievances during call surges

    • During call surges or emergencies like power outages or flash sales our solution helps manage customer grievances.
    • Intelligent IVR empowers customers by providing instant answers to simple and repetitive inquiries reducing the workload on agents during peak times.
    contact center solution

    Exclusive features of Airtel IQ Contact Center Services

    • 100% web-based solution

      100% web-based solution

      Say goodbye to office desks! Agents, supervisors and managers can easily. Manage everything through their web browsers from anywhere at any time.

    • Real-time dashboard

      Real-time dashboard

      Allows the Supervisor to have a unified view of KPIs and conversational insights to implement corrective measures in real time.

    • Unified agent workspace

      Unified agent workspace

      An agent friendly dedicated view of their ongoing conversations, tracks and goals and tools to collaborate with co-workers.

    • Historical reporting

      Historical reporting

      Generate and customize detailed call reports, and set them to auto-deliver.

    • Outbound Dialing

      Outbound dialing

      Choose calling modes, set schedules, customize call statuses and callbacks, all using one platform.

    Why Choose Airtel IQ Contact Center as A Service (CCaaS)?

    • Freedom from Multi-Vendor Environment

      One stop solution

      No need to talk to multiple vendors for licensing, hosting and usage – everything managed by Airtel end to end.

    • Unified SLA

      Unified SLA

      Airtel takes ownership of SLAs across the network and application layers ensuring coordination.

    • Bundled Pricing

      Bundled pricing

      With network and software on the cloud, get reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with our pay per agent model.

    • Mobile Caller Identification

      Mobile caller identification

      Boost ROI with an increased pick-up rate by 20%

    • Value Added Services

      Value added services

      Benefit from other added services without needing to activate them separately for easier management.

    • High Scalability

      High scalability

      The Contact Centre Software, on the Cloud allows scaling up or down based on seasonality and traffic requirements.

    Custom solutions, empowering your business journey

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