Boost Global Collaboration with Airtel Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams for business communication needs

    Enable seamless business collaboration for both your internal and external needs. Airtel IQ Operator Connect integrates Microsoft Teams with Airtel’s robust network, ensuring efficient, secure, and flexible phone calling experiences. We empower you to eliminate communication silos, empower remote teams, and eliminate capex.

    Streamline cross functional collaboration

    • Simplify user communication by integrating traditional phone calling within your Microsoft Teams software.
    • Allows you to use your phone or laptop to call your stakeholders on their phone number.
    ms teams calling

    Reduce the cost of additional hardware for your field teams

    • Eliminate the need for new handsets for employees. Seamlessly integrate without compromising on security.
    • Supervisors gain access to real-time and historical call data to make informed decisions and improve team performance.
    airtel voip

    Exclusive features of Airtel IQ Operator Connect for MS-Teams

    • Cost and Complexity Reduction

      Cost and complexity reduction

      Reduce CAPEX and TCO as no extra hardware needed, seamless integration with MS Teams.

    • Plug-and-Play Integration

      Plug-n-play integration

      Effortless Microsoft Teams and Airtel PSTN integration.

    • Call Insights Dashboard

      Call insights dashboard

      Analyze call data and transcripts in Teams Admin Center.

    • Secure and Reliable Network

      Secure and reliable network

      Reliable, secure calls with Airtel's robust infrastructure.

    • Simplified Management

      Simplified management

      Airtel handles the security and stability of the network, eliminating system integration hassles.

    • Scalability Made Easy

      Scalability made easy

      Add users and calls effortlessly, no hardware concerns.

    What sets Airtel IQ MS-Teams Operator Connect apart?

    • ms teams operator connect

      Airtel telco advantage

      Leverage Airtel's network and voice innovations for modern Microsoft Teams calling solutions.

    • Swift Setup

      Swift setup

      Connect to Airtel, provision users, and assign numbers in minutes via Teams Admin Center.

    • Mobile Flexibility

      Mobile flexibility

      Make and receive MS Teams calls nationwide during remote work, enhancing flexibility.

    • Cost Savings

      Cost savings

      Shift to cloud-based Phone System; cut infrastructure costs, no equipment purchase required.

    • Reliable Support

      Reliable support

      Airtel ensures enterprise-grade reliability; technical support, SLAs, and Azure-backed 1:1 network connection enhance resilience.

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