What is Edge Cloud?

Edge clouds are intelligent edge nodes located closer to the data source, equipment, and devices, to deliver services swiftly akin to public cloud services, enabling faster storage, analysis, and data processing than traditional data center connection. Edge architecture offers enhanced security by decentralizing attacks and enabling better control over data movement. Additionally, it ensures greater reliability, allowing network segments to operate independently during system outages.

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What is Edge CDN?

As viewer preferences shift online, competition for user engagement intensifies. Delivering high-quality content, whether streaming video, gaming, VR, or other media, becomes crucial. How can you consistently provide the best viewing experience? By getting closer! Connect directly to your viewers through their service provider network with Qwit's next-gen CDN, which ensures superior quality and increased capacity for an unparalleled user experience, making your look great.

Get closer to your viewers than ever before by tapping directly into their service provider network to offer an unmatched user experience. Qwit’s next-generation CDN delivers superior quality and more capacity, making you look great. Everytime.

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Our Capabilities


edge data centres


minimum reduced latency


service availability


PB of storage

Why choose us?

120+ edge data centres
30% minimum reduced latency
99.99% service availability
120+ PB of storage

Our offerings

This means
  • More delivery capacity when and where you need it
  • More flexibility in usage, terms
  • Direct support from service providers
and your business will
  • Provide better experiences for your users
  • Gain the ability to support mass live events
  • Achieve support for advanced use cases (e.g. IVSM)
This means
  • Lower latency, faster response times and transactions
  • Faster Time-to-First-Byte, optimization of web vitals
  • Superior quality digital experiences for your users
and your business will
  • Increase customer engagement
  • Reduce bounce rates
  • Improve SEO ranking
This means
  • Unique, SVA-compliant Open APIs
  • Extensive API configurability
  • Event-driven content and control
  • Comprehensive content control, feature activation
  • through API calls
and your business will
  • Improve feature/product/service agility and responsiveness
  • Decrease time to market for new experience
Monthly consumption Airtel CDN

Per GB Rate

First 10TB 8.50
10TB to 50TB 6.70
50TB to 150TB 6.50
150TB to 500TB 6.30
500 to 1024TB | Next 4PB | Over 4PB Talk to an Expert

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FAQs On Edge CDN

What is an Edge CDN and how does it work to enhance content delivery?

An Edge Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a network of distributed servers placed at the "edge" of the internet. They cache and deliver web content to users from a server location that is physically closer to them.

Why should businesses consider using Airtel Edge CDN services?

Airtel’s Edge CDN services offer several benefits, including faster content delivery, reduced latency, improved user experience, and increased reliability.

What types of content and applications are suited for Edge CDN server deployment?

Edge CDN servers are ideal for static content like images, videos, and web pages. They can also be used for dynamic content that is cached and frequently accessed. For example: real-time data, such as live streaming, online gaming, and IoT devices.

How does Airtel ensure the security and privacy of content delivered through Edge CDN?

Airtel employs various security measures, including DDoS protection, encryption, and secure access controls, to safeguard content delivered through its Edge CDN.

How does an Airtel Edge CDN handle traffic spikes and surges in demand?

Airtel’s Edge CDN is designed to scale dynamically, ensuring it can handle traffic spikes and surges. It leverages a distributed network of servers to manage high demand.

Can we customize Edge CDN solutions to meet specific business requirements?

Airtel offers customisation options to tailor their Edge CDN solutions to specific business needs. For example: configuring caching rules, and addressing performance and security requirements.

What technical support is available for businesses using Airtel Edge CDN?

Airtel provides technical support to assist businesses in setting up and maintaining their Edge CDN services. This includes troubleshooting, monitoring, and ensuring optimal performance.

How do Edge CDNs improve website performance and user experience?

Edge CDNs reduce latency and decrease the load times of web content by delivering it from servers closer to the end-users. This leads to faster page loading and smoother video streaming.

Why should I consider using an Edge CDN for my web content delivery?

An Edge CDN can significantly enhance a website's speed, reliability, and security. It can lead to improved SEO rankings, reduced bounce rates, and increased user engagement.

What are the key features of an Edge CDN server compared to a traditional CDN?

Key features of Edge CDNs compared to traditional CDNs include reduced latency, better performance for dynamic content, improved scalability, and the ability to handle real-time applications.

How does an Edge CDN server help with reducing latency and improving content load times for end-users?

Edge CDN servers reduce latency by serving content from a location closer to the end-user. This minimises the time it takes for data to travel.

What is the geographical distribution of Airtel Edge CDN servers?

Airtel's Edge CDN servers are strategically distributed across various locations, ensuring wide coverage and low-latency content delivery to end-users everywhere.

Can I integrate an Edge CDN server with my existing CMS platforms?

Most Edge CDN providers, including Airtel, offer integration with popular Content Management Systems (CMS). This allows you to incorporate CDN services into existing website infrastructure.

Enhance Content Delivery with Airtel Edge CDN Server

Slow-loading websites and content can cause frustration among consumers. It can drive them away, leading to missed opportunities.

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