What is Edge Cloud?

Edge clouds are intelligent edge nodes closer to the source of data, equipment & devices, with software to deliver services in a way that’s similar to using public cloud services hosted by micro-data centers that store, analyze, and process data faster than is possible using a connection to a data center. Because edge is decentralized and attacks can be segmented at the edge, it is more secure than traditional network architectures and provides more control over data movement. It’s also more reliable, since parts of a network can continue to operate during outages elsewhere on the system.


What is Edge Compute?

Edge computing describes a distributed computing topology where information processing is located close to the edge (the physical location where things and people connect with the networked digital world). It acts as a decentralised extension of cellular networks, data centres and the cloud. At Airtel, we intend to leverage our diversified edge locations for catering the needs of next generation industry use cases.


What is Edge Analytics?

Edge analytics is the capability of automatically analyzing video to detect and determine temporal and spatial events. Video analytics at edge cloud will ensure detection and events at right time for the right decision.

How it works?
  • Cameras record high-quality video at the edge
  • Data is stored locally for short-term needs while long-term storage goes to the cloud
  • Edge analytics spot unusual or abnormal behaviors and trigger alerts
  • Authorized personnel can watch video remotely-in real time-for rapid responses

Why choose us?

120+ edge data centres
30% minimum reduced latency
99.99% service availability
120+ PB of storage

Here is the Airtel advantage for you?

Superior network
  • Ultra low latency
  • Support for High bandwidth applications
  • 5G ready
Private and secure infrastructure
  • Physical infrastructure security
  • Telco grade security
  • Accommodates hetergenous devices and subnetworks
Data handling
  • Localised data processing
  • Data collection and analytics on cloud
  • Data redundancy
Business continuity and growth
  • Low operational overhead
  • Extract more value for your customers
  • Robust and scalable

Put your customer experience on the fast lane with edge compute.