Airtel Internet of Things

Airtel IoT will transform the way you look at your business through greater control over your devices and data. Our end to end solutions coupled with our world class global connectivity will help you in unearthing revenue streams that have never been visualized before


Connectivity and Management


Device Services




Visualization and Action

Product Features and Components
  • Predictive analytics layer
  • Enterprise-class IoT as a fully managed service
  • Worldwide real-time asset location tracking and asset condition monitoring
  • Cost-effective, scalable, and on-demand service business model
  • Cloud-based technology for easy integration and quick deployment
Benefits and impact
  • SLA and regulatory compliance
  • Enhanced customer service and product quality
  • Improved accountability – Increase transparency across every system
  • Reduced administrative costs – Digitize, reduce error and scale to stay lean and generate additional revenue
  • Organizational efficiency – Customized reports, digitized records and streamlined processes along with many other features

Airtel IOT Smart Track

Airtel IOT Smart Track solution lets businesses maintain unwavering visibility over their shipments and assets. The IoT devices are delivered and installed by a team of experts, who set-up the software, custom-configuring alerts based on unique organizational requirements. Users can view asset progress on the portal, receiving real-time alerts and detailed reports, geared for easy audits and stringent compliance. With an extended battery life and deep insights into ambient conditions, businesses can be confident of asset quality and shipment protection, even on-the-move.

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