Airtel Internet of Things

Airtel IoT will transform the way you look at your business through greater control over your devices and data. Our end to end solutions coupled with our world class global connectivity will help you in unearthing revenue streams that have never been visualized before


Connectivity and Management


Device Services




Visualization and Action

Product Features and Components
  • In-built GPS – based hardware unit
  • Transmitting adaptor
  • Trip management software
  • Fleet management software
  • Data analytics dashboards
  • Sensor suite for monitoring ‘door open’, and fuel pilferage etc
Benefits and Impact
  • Revenue enhancement – Achieve idle time reduction
  • Costs management – Efficient route planning and wastage alerts
  • SLA and regulatory compliance
  • Security improvement - Driver behavior monitoring, SOS buttons and immobilizers
  • Operational efficiency - Customized reports, digitized records, automated trip scheduling, and other such features

Airtel IOT Smart Transport

Airtel IOT Smart Transport is an IoT and SaaS-based platform, meant for the transportation sector, both for freight and passenger requirements. Traditional transporters can now harness telematics to stay in-line with a vibrant digital economy. Airtel IOT Smart Transport connects with every stakeholder in the ecosystem -- from individual truck owners to freight operators, and from third-party logistic player to financial institutions and insurance companies. These synergies can help ensure greater access to low-cost financing and strengthen vehicular health.

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