What is Airtel IoT?

At Airtel, we aim to simplify your IoT journey. Airtel IoT solutions are designed to help companies accelerate automation, boost productivity, and enhance operational efficiencies. Offering end-to-end solutions, Airtel IoT brings together a range of connectivity technologies (5G, NBIoT, 4G & 2G), eSIM capabilities, a powerful connectivity management platform - Airtel IoT Hub, cloud services, and different IoT Applications.

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From cellular 2G and 4G to low-power NB-IoT, satellite and 5G, we provide widest range of connectivity technologies as per your business needs. We also future-proof your device investment by upgrading to the latest technology and delivering ‘connected at birth’ devices.


You get total visibility and control over your infrastructure to contain threats, fulfil compliance and enforce policies with end-to-end integrated security. Our regulatory compliant solutions encompass both the platform and the network, ensuring that your data at rest is as safe as data in motion.


Managing an IoT ecosystem can be tough. Airtel IoT Hub, a highly flexible self-care portal enables you to manage billions of your devices by seamlessly integrating your existing workflow tools using flexible APIs.

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Our Capabilities

22 Mn+

IoT devices

100 K+

New onboarding per day



9.9 Lakh

2G and 4G Sites


Technology for Network Flexibilit

Industries we cater to

Build the future of connected mobility

We’re designing and delivering products that ensure vehicle theft prevention and recovery, comprehensive road safety, driving behaviour analysis, vehicle monitoring, usage optimisation, digital insurance, remote maintenance, and operations transformation.

Build a smarter grid

Our solutions are enabling energy and utilities companies to offer innovative products that help them to reduce waste generation, improve supply efficiency, optimize power consumption by customers, streamline operations, achieve customer satisfaction and open up new business opportunities.

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Manage your fleet

Airtel IoT offers end-to-end solutions that automate visibility of assets and vehicle distribution, and provide real-time alerts and analytics to ensure freight safety and security throughout its journey. Airtel IoT also ensure cost optimization and efficiency increase.

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Build the future of connected mobility

We’re designing and delivering products for vehicle theft prevention and recovery, comprehensive road safety, driving behaviour, vehicle monitoring, usage optimisation, digital insurance, remote maintenance and operations transformation.

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Optimise your operations

With efficient, cost-effective and automated information gathering capabilities, our solutions are transforming the entire manufacturing process. We’re at the forefront of enabling manufacturers in setting up of their smart factories.

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Airtel IoT Hub – One-platform to easily manage all your connected devices

Manage your connected devices easily with Airtel IoT Hub

Integrate any application in minutes with our secure & intuitive APIs

  • Exhaustive set of APIs of all the functionalities, free of cost
  • Comprehensive documentation including sample requests
  • API monitoring tools for efficient load management
  • Expert team always at hand to help you with integration & support
  • Highly secure authentication mechanism
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