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Connect machines located in remote or rural areas

  • Secure VPN last mile connectivity on SIM
  • Private data exchange
  • Best for POS machines | smart meters

Connect devices without
fear of misuse

  • Whitelist/blacklist websites
  • Enable content filtering
  • Identify mobile application signatures
  • Constrain usage of bandwidth intensive apps
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Features of  IOT Smart Hub

With Airtel’s Connectivity Management Platform, you create the basis for your IoT success: no matter how many SIM cards you have in use through the country, with Airtel’s platform you can manage your M2M solution centrally, keeping on top of your M2M devices, connections and costs at all times. Manage SIM lifecycle, control inventory, assign baskets & admins, understand usage patterns, do SIM diagnostics – all through one platform.


Powered by Airtel’s unmatched pan India network 2G|3G|4G network


Self-care platform


SIM inventory management for IT admin


Deliver device analytics


Manage entire lifecycle of SIM


One bill view


Execute bulk operations

The Airtel Advantage for MG Motor