Secure, convenient and flexible SMS APIs for your Business needs

Expand your customer base

Attract new customers and retain existing ones with personalized, two-way messages

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Increase Sales

Upsell relevant products, encourage reviews and testimonials, run promotions, share SMS alerts and more

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Complete Payments

Send invoices, due reminders and payment gateway URLs

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Introducing Airtel IQ Smart Communication Platform

One-stop messaging solution with various prepaid recharge plans

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Offer your customers 24*7 support throughout their lifetime

After sales-report, get feedback and share recommendations, schedule reminders

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Everything you need to enhance your SMS capabilities

Supports All SMS Formats

Service Implicit, Service Explicit, Promotional and Transactional

URL Shortening

Short links that take you to the original location of the original link (Desired link/landing page)

Campaign Manager

Schedule A2P SMS to your customers with one click


Blacklist or remove recipients based on their preference

Duplicate Number Removal

Remove duplicate number in your receiver list to avoid redundancy

Personalized SMS

Add customized fields that best suit your communication needs

Vernacular Support

Messaging supported in your local language

DLT Scrubbing

Leverage telco-grade privacy assurance for zero spam and fraud

Analytics and Reporting

Reports with 'sent' (to network, no to network), 'in progress', 'delivered' and 'failed' updates with error codes and logs

SMS Insight Report

Detailed reporting of your message at gateway

The Airtel IQ advantage

Effective DLT Scrubbing

Telco-grade privacy assurance for zero spam and fraud

Actionable Insights

Get transparent, granular, single-click SMS reports across sender ID and SMSC gateways

Insightful Audit Reports

Get the validated subscriber type and message count over email

24*7 CNOC

Network availability with round -the-clock support from CNOC

Message Queuing through Zero Code

Schedule messages, through zero code with click of button

Want to know more about SMS?

Questions on SMS API?

What's an SMS API solution?

SMS API is a software that integrates with your existing communication application and enhances its capabilities. It allows you to send and receive a large number of SMSs quickly and easily. You can stay active 24/7 and send notifications and other information to your customers outside business hours.

What can I do with an SMS API platform?

SMS APIs fuel a renewed experience for your customers. Key use cases are:
  • Personalise messages.
  • Send customised bulk messages.
  • Send transactional messages such as OPT and more.
  • Send reminders about meetings, bookings, and others.
  • Notify for discounts and sales offers.
  • Track message status.
  • Segment recipient list for targeted marketing.
  • Schedule and deliver messages at a suitable time.

How can SMS API providers benefit my business?

SMS APIs are comprehensive solutions for all business communication needs. Airtel SMS API supports all sorts of SMSs in multiple languages. It enhances customer relations, increases efficiency, and provides actionable insights to improve promotions. Better ties with customers and optimised marketing drive more leads and increase sales and revenue.

What industries can benefit from SMS API solutions?

SMS API is beneficial for any business that requires consistent, streamlined text communication. Industries widely using messaging APIs are:
  • Retail and e-commerce
  • Education
  • Travel and hospitality
  • BFSI
  • Healthcare
  • Government agencies and NGOs

What features does the Airtel messaging API offer?

Airtel messaging API is a feature-rich one-spot solution for business communications. Its key features are:
  • Support for all types of SMSs
  • URL shortening and campaign manager
  • Blacklisting and duplicate number removal
  • Personalised SMS and vernacular support
  • DTL scrubbing
  • Analytics and insightful reports

What are the steps to integrate an SMS API into my application?

Airtel SMS API integrates seamlessly with your existing system. Although the solution comes with simple documentation, our technical team assists you in setting up and running the API. We also help you with our 24*7 support from CNOC.

Can I receive SMS responses through a text messaging API?

Yes. SMS APIs enable two-way communication. You can message your customers and receive their responses.

How secure is sending sensitive information through an SMS API platform?

SMS APIs secure data using multiple ways, including two-factor authentication, CAPTCHA, blacklisting, and traffic monitoring. Airtel messaging API also provides DLT scrubbing to curb spam and fraud. However, it is better to limit sending sensitive information through SMS.

Are there any limitations on the number of messages I can send using an SMS API?

It depends on the SMS API provider and plan you choose. Some APIs offer unlimited messaging, while others cap the maximum number of messages sent in a specific duration.

Can I integrate multimedia content like images or videos in my SMS using a Messaging API?

Airtel SMS API only supports text messages. However, you can add a link using our URL-shortening feature to direct customers to the media pages.

How are delivery statuses and receipts managed with the Airtel SMS API?

Airtel SMS API comes with an analytics and reporting feature. It provides comprehensive message reports with status information (sent, in-progress, delivered, failed), error codes, and logs.

Transforming Business Messaging With SMS API by Airtel IQ

Despite being challenged by numerous communication alternatives, SMS is still the most popular messaging method worldwide. Airtel SMS API adds a new dimension to this messaging tool to transform businesses. It allows sending, receiving, and tracking messages at scale.

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