Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams

Enhance workforce productivity with integrated phone calling on MS-Teams powered by Airtel IQ

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Airtel IQ Operator Connect via MS-Teams

Enabling enterprise workforce to make or receive phone calls via MS-Teams with Airtel’s connectivity to drive seamless conversations. Enjoy enhanced security, call analytics and enterprise-grade support powered by Airtel IQ

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Drive business growth, reduce CapEx and improve employee productivity

Drive business growth, reduce CapEx and improve employee productivity

Features of Airtel IQ Operator Connect via MS-Teams

Plug-and-play Solution

Hassle-free integration of MS-Teams and Airtel PSTN/ mobility network

Call Analytics

Dashboard is enabled in Teams Admin Center to view and analyze call data including call transcripts

Assign phone numbers via Interactive Graphical User Interface

A phone number can be easily assigned to every MS-Teams user

Scale as you Grow

Solution can be scaled with easy addition of users or increased call volume without worrying about the hardware

Digital Offerings

Features like auto attendant, call queue, music on hold, custom call park etc. will be inbuilt

Audio Conferencing

MS-Teams Audio Conferencing will be available as an add-on offering

The Airtel IQ advantage

Airtel as a Telco Partner

Leverage the Network reliability and Voice Innovations of Airtel to provide a modern calling solution to users on MS-Teams

Greater Flexibility and Mobility

Our Mobile solution will allow users to make & receive calls on MS-Teams while working in a remote/hybrid model from anywhere across the country over internet

Completely Regulated and Compliant Platform

All our solutions are fully compliant as per TRAI and DoT Regulations

Freedom from Multi-vendor Management

Manage call control in the cloud with phone system, eliminating need to purchase and maintain equipment

Enterprise-grade Reliability & Support

24/7 managed support that includes freephone support, change management & escalated troubleshooting

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What is Microsoft Teams Operator Connect?

Microsoft Teams Operator Connect by Airtel IQ helps customer-facing agents and operators streamline their telephone conversations by enabling calls powered by Airtel to be taken from the Microsoft Teams application and interface.

How does Microsoft Teams Operator Connect benefit businesses?

Microsoft Teams Operator Connect improves agent productivity, and customer outcomes and propels business growth by natively integrating Airtel’s telephony solution within Teams, offering powerful cloud telephony capabilities like call queueing, routing, and number selection. Integrating doesn’t require any extra capital expenditure.

What types of communication are supported by Microsoft Teams Operator Connect?

The Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams solution offers a telephony solution for businesses to call and converse with customers.

Improve customer experiences with Airtel IQ, Microsoft Teams Operator Connect

Look at the tools customer-facing employees like your support agents use today, and you will find them juggling a maze of them - both on their computers as well as offline. This means handling a ticket management tool, a business chat app, and yes, even an offline landline or a corporate mobile device, while needing to simultaneously engage customers well on live calls.

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