Voice Call API solutions to drive business growth and customer engagement

Expand your reach and boost brand recall

Increase your call-answer rates by 15% and boost brand recall using Airtel IQ’s Mobile Number as CLI and 1800- numbers

voice call api
Increase conversion rate

Track and improve sales efficiency through intensive call reports and insights

voice solutions for business

Unlock Voice API powered differentiated experiences

Mobile Number CLI

Get 10-digit virtual mobile numbers & increase call pickup rate, as a customer is more likely to answer a call from a 10-digit mobile number

Landline CLI

Get 10-digit virtual numbers with specific local area code to enable customers to identify the location of the business

Toll-free CLI

Get an 1800- number that customers can call to connect with businesses without being charged

Number Masking

A data protection feature which hides customer and agent details during a live call.


A button/SDK widget integrated into an application or website to enable instant connections to the business

Interactive Voice Response

Automate call responses via pre-recorded voice messages

Outbound Dialer

Customize configurations based on the way you want your agents to reach out to customers

SIM-based Recording

Record calls by adding a simple booster on top of a COCP plan with no additional hardware or third-party apps

The Airtel IQ advantage


Provide communication capabilities across landline, mobile, and toll-free numbers


Ensure your customers’ identity privacy and data security

Easy Integration

Simple configurations with low-coding implementation

Analytics and Insights

Get granular reports and insights to make informed decisions

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Questions on Voice API?

What is the Airtel Voice API?

The Airtel Voice API is a cloud-based API that allows you to make and receive voice calls programmatically. It can improve customer service, increase sales, and boost profitability.

What are the steps to integrate a Voice API into my application?

The steps vary depending on the API and your application’s programming language. In a nutshell:
  • Get the API credentials.
  • Install the API SDK in your application.
  • Write code to make and receive calls using the API.

What features does Airtel's Voice Call API offer?

Airtel's Voice Call API offers several features, including:
  • Make and receive voice calls.
  • Configured call routing.
  • Record and playback calls.
  • Track call data and analytics.
  • Integration with other applications.

How does Airtel ensure the quality of voice calls through the API?

Airtel ensures the quality of voice calls through:
  • A high-quality network.
  • Static and noise-cancelling techniques.
  • Monitoring call quality and taking corrective action.

Can I make calls internationally using Airtel's Voice API?

Yes, you can make calls internationally using Airtel's Voice API. However, there may be charges for international calls.

What is the pricing structure for Airtel Voice API solutions?

The pricing structure for Airtel Voice API solutions depends on the features and usage.

Are there any usage limits on the Voice Call API?

For usage limits on the Voice Call API, check the relevant section of the Airtel website.

Can the Voice Call API be used for outbound as well as inbound calls?

Yes, the Voice Call API can be used for both outbound and inbound calls.

Can I use Airtel Voice API to build voice-controlled applications?

Yes, you can use Airtel Voice API to build voice-controlled applications. Airtel Voice API supports many voice control features, such as speech recognition.

Are multilingual and dialect support available in Voice Call APIs?

Yes, multilingual and dialect support are available in Voice Call APIs. Airtel Voice API supports many Indian languages and dialects.

Are there any offline capabilities with Voice APIs?

Voice APIs require an Internet connection to make and receive calls.

How can Voice call API benefit my business?

Voice call APIs can benefit your business in several ways, including:
  • Improving customer service
  • Increasing efficiency
  • Boosting profitability

Can I test Airtel Voice API before integrating it into my application?

You can ask Airtel for a trial to test the API and its features.

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