Leverage WhatsApp APIs to power conversations for better conversions

Talk to an expert

Enterprise-grade WhatsApp APIs for multiple use-cases

Expand your customer base

Send the right message at the right time- promote the brand, offerings and answer to queries

Offer your customers 24*7 support throughout their lifetime

After sales-report, get feedback and share recommendations, schedule reminders

Unlock WhatsApp-powered differentiated experiences

Verified Business Profiles

Build trust.
Easy to share contact information.

Rich media messaging

Engaging experiences- Text, images, audio, video and more.

End-to-end encryption

Reduce security risks.
Ensure data privacy.

Delivery and read receipts

Intelligent feedbacks.
Improve contact rates.

Conversational Analytics

Track user initiated and agent initiated conversations.

Alerts and Notifications

Real time alerts for multiple use-cases.

Conversational Bots

Smart business-generated conversations.
Supports agent routing.

Campaign Manager

Interactive UI.
Schedule and track promotions.

Customizable Flow Builder

Simple drag and drop interface.
API integrations.

Agent performance analytics

Insights into response times.

The Airtel IQ Advantage: First telco to be registered as a WhatsApp BSP


Intelligent Channel Fallback through SMS, WhatsApp and Voice

Robust and Secure

Telco-powered performance enhancements with network robustness and security

Improve Customer Experience and Reduce CAC

Improve Mean time to resolution (MTTR) and Cost to acquisition (CAC)