With over 8 billion mobile connections in the world, out of which 4 billion are still not-so-smart phones, SMS is still one of the best ways to connect with your consumer with the SMS open rate being around 98%.


While promotional bulk SMS help, targeted SMS’s help in better responses, lower expenses and mindful market strategies. Enterprise Messaging services integrate various applications and are an underlying messaging infrastructure that lets you engage, target and promote your product to your end user conveniently across the globe.


Airtel’s Enterprise Messaging Manager (EMM) is a web based interface for enterprises to rapidly launch content using push-based services. Ensuring scalability, performance and reliability, Airtel’s enterprise messaging solutions lets you carry forward Content Personalization, send targeted messages and plan Message Scheduling.


Scheduling & Customization

With high quality message directs and global coverage, you can schedule and send customized messages.

Interactive Engagement

Since it is a web based interface, it is easier for enterprises to connect with its users.

Reporting and Campaigning

Regular updates and reports can be generated for the campaigns that are being carried forward.



Alerts, Transaction Verification and OTPs are the most common finance related messages that we get. These need to be quick.


Delivery Delays, updates, track shipments, secure rates and delivery times, and schedule pick-ups are the messages from the logistics vertical.


Order Confirmation, dispatch, delivery update and feedback messages are needed.


Access control, child tracking, tutorials and exam results details are now informed through SMS.


Coupons, discounts, alerts, contests are commonly received through SMS.