SMS spoofing, faking, spamming and Denial Of Service (DoS) are major concerns for businesses across the globe. Hurting organizations in terms of its subscribers, brand damage and operational costs, a firm may end up losing a major chunk of its market share.


SMS Firewall solutions enable high security standards, block malware and offers integrated network. Helping you monitor A2P SMS traffic that enters your network, you can safeguard your network from spam and also optimize your revenue by keeping asymmetrical SMS termination costs at bay.


Airtel’s SMS Firewall Solutions help networks across the globe to avoid regulatory violations and also maintains regular reports. Setting high security benchmark, Airtel, a premium firewall service provider, also helps you regulate your revenue through SMS traffic to your network. With zero CAPEX or OPEX costs involved, you will be able to shield your mobile networks from any grey traffic coming in.


Unique Solution

Deep industry knowledge coupled with global network, SMS gateway, firewall solution and the carrier partnerships.

Interface Support

Airtel Firewall Solutions offer support on all interfaces including SS7 and SMPP.

Advanced Filtering

Monitor the content that enters your network and block them instantly, based on source, Sender ID or content.

Blocking Functionality

Based on various domains including content, calling/sender ID, calling and called Global Titles.

Fraud Detection

Bulk/Pattern detection functionality and fraud prevention such as anti-spoofing, anti-faking, etc.

Analytics & Reporting

Statistical tools enabling the user to extract the required insights and reporting.


Exclusive Gateway

Connected with major OTT players, global hubs & aggregators across the globe

Easy to use & Real-Time

Seamless Installation and Integration with control over traffic with real time monitoring

Service & Support

Regular updates and alert notification with 24*7 support