Prevent financial gain & chaos driven DDoS attacks with Airtel DDoS security solutions

    Businesses need wide coverage across all types of DDoS attacks. Airtel DDoS Security helps you create inbuilt threat intelligence across a global network with the ability to protect your business with long-term DDoS mitigation capabilities.

    Ensure zero downtime for enterprises during peak shopping times

    • E-commerce websites are frequent targets of DDoS attacks, especially during peak shopping.
    • Airtel DDoS Security ensures uninterrupted access to online stores and protect against revenue loss due to downtime.
    ddos solutions

    Application security is crucial to deliver premium client experience

    • DDoS attacks targeting specific applications or services can disrupt operations and impact user experience.
    • Provide application-layer protection, preventing attacks from reaching critical services.
    solution for ddos attack

    Websites can function seamlessly without financial losses

    • DDoS attacks targeting websites can disrupt availability, causing downtime and financial losses.
    • Mitigate attacks by filtering malicious traffic and ensuring website availability.
    ddos protection services

    Exclusive features of Airtel DDoS protection services

    • Hybrid

      Hybrid apps

      Integrated Cloud and On-prem Appliance.

    • Always-On

      Always-on traffic

      Traffic routed always via scrubbing centers and diverted only when link is under attack.

    • Traffic model

      Traffic model

      Volumetric mitigation and unlimited attack mitigation capacity.

    • Attack Protection

      Attack protection

      Covers all Volumetric, Protocol & Application layer attacks.

    • Multi ISP Link Protection

      Multi ISP link protection

      Coverage for non-airtel ISP links & pool capacity offering.

    • Unified Security Portal

      Unified security portal

      Single Management Portal for Alerts, Analytics and Reports.

    Impact delivered with Airtel DDoS protection solutions

    • 16+

      scrubbing centers worldwide

    • 10 Tbps+

      global mitigation capacity

    • 30 Tbps+

      traffic inspection from 180+ core routers

    Secure Internet
    WAAP (Web Application & API Protection)

    Security products designed to transform your business

    Custom solutions, empowering your business journey

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