A leading Indian bank boosted its transactional message delivery rate to nearly 100% with Airtel IQ Assured Delivery

    Prevent transaction loss by preventing undelivered conversations with Airtel Assured message delivery

    When building a customer engagement strategy, some of the biggest hurdles businesses face are low delivery rates, untimely delivery of communication and lack of accurate reporting. Airtel IQ Assured Delivery enables your business to create an omni-channel communication strategy with a mix of outreach channels across voice, SMS, and WhatsApp to ensure your messages optimally reach your customers. With regulatory compliant and transparent reporting and no third-party interference, protect your data from unwanted leakage.

    Omni-Channel Approach

    The old way

    Manually collate unreachable contacts & redesign messages to resend via different platforms.

    IQ Way

    The Airtel way

    Automate re-routing of undelivered messages across different channels with a customizable flow and time gap.

    Old Way

    The old way

    Use of third-party vendors meant data leakage, fudged data & no real time analytics.

    IQ Way

    The Airtel way

    Send messages directly without any outside intervention, using a secure & encrypted link.

    Old Way

    The old way

    Third party vendors do not have audited reports or visibility on reasons for failed delivery of messages.

    IQ Way

    The Airtel way

    Regulatory audited reports that ensure you get compliant reports and reasons for failed delivery across channels.

    Exclusive features of Airtel IQ Assured message delivery service

    • Omni-channel capability

      Omni-channel capability

      Create omni-channel flows to reach out to always all your customers.

    • Near zero latency

      Near zero latency

      Ensure delivery of critical communication with near-zero latency.

    • Transparent analytics

      Transparent analytics

      Get real-time, detailed campaign reports to understand performance better.

    • Swifter DLT operations

      Swifter DLT operations

      Value added services for swifter operations, along with 24*7 support.

    • 100% secure and compliant

      100% secure and compliant

      Cert-In, BIS, ISO, GDPR compliant.

    Impact delivered through Airtel message service

    • 97%

      delivery success rate

    • 100%

      regulatory compliance

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