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Is your internet connectivity Secure?

The internet has changed our lives and has opened new avenues of doing business. However, the same open and shareable infrastructure has led to serious data security concerns owing to its inherent vulnerabilities. The platform can be vulnerable to several forms of data-stealing, fraud and security breaches occurring either accidentally, purposefully, or due to human error.

It, therefore, becomes imperative that we adopt a comprehensive security strategy to secure internet access for your business.


We make security an integral part of your network

Airtel Secure Internet is a fully managed, cost-effective solution that lets you manage and gain control over your internet access. This is instrumental in preventing any unauthorized access to your corporate network. This convergent solution includes enterprise-grade internet integrated with next-generation firewalls that ensure everything from malware and virus protection to intrusion detection and content filtering. Our solution provides significant cost savings in both capital expenditures and management & monitoring costs by providing a flexible subscription-based pricing model.

Features and Benefits

End-to-end managed services

Includes onsite installation, onsite support, change management and proactive monitoring for device health check-up and comprehensive support from our security intelligence center.

Flexible deployment models

Allows flexibility to deploy a stand-alone firewall hardware or an integrated solution that bundles enterprise grade internet with the firewall that is pre-configured as per the bandwidth and appliance size.

Strong encryption

IPSec and SSL VPN, network segmentation and load balancing are included.

Deep packet inspection

Built on Reassembly-Free DPI (RFDPI) engine that makes it compatible with packet, crypto, and network processing.

Complete security

All-in-one capabilities with firewall, including anti-spam, anti-virus, intrusion prevention and content filtering for complete protection.

Performance-based SLAs

We guarantee 360-degree performance with metrics across change management, proactive system monitoring, application/ content updates, responsiveness, availability, and protection.

Get the Secure Internet advantage for your business


Flexible subscription-based pricing (monthly or quarterly) for hardware and managed services eliminates the need for upfront capital expenditure, staffing and maintenance costs. You can maximize your protection without investing in expensive devices.

Investment Protection

We provide hardware upgrades with your internet bandwidth upgrades at a small incremental cost.

Peace of Mind

We provide round the clock, active management and monitoring of the firewalls and internet connectivity by our Security Intelligence Center – a highly secure, fully-redundant, state-of-art management facility which is integrated with our Network Operations Center for complete security.

Comprehensive Intelligence

Our staff expertly use advanced systems providing valuable threat intel feed that is used to update vital security patches to keep the firewall devices updated.

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Question on Secure Internet?

What is Airtel Secure Internet Offering?  

The Airtel Secure Internet offering is a bundle of Internet leased line and UTM/Firewall that is offered as a service.

Is this service offered on broadband links?  

The Airtel Secure Internet offering is not offered on broadband/DSL links. It’s offered with Internet leased lines with symmetric bandwidth (1:1 ratio).

How to decide on which firewall to select? 

Our Airtel Secure Internet offering is comprised of two parts to choose from, as per your specific requirements -

Internet leased line

•Can be sized as per the bandwidth required by the customer.

UTM / Firewall service

•Can be sized as per the bandwidth subscribed to by the customer

•Can be sized as per the number of concurrent users

Can the UTM / Firewall be procured separately? 

Yes, we offer standalone UTM / Firewall-as-a-service as well.