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Airtel Secure’s multi-layered, full-service cyber security offerings are designed to safeguard enterprises against threats of various kinds and origins. Our extensive product portfolio provides complete security to your business. Airtel Secure is a trusted solution combining experts with proprietary and partner technology to deliver advisory, integration, and managed security services.

Products & Services

Secure Internet

Build the first line of defence for your organisation without investing in threat management devices

Secure Intelligence Centre

Monitor your business 24X7 for security risks through our intelligent security operations centre

Secure WAAP

Keep your organization's data & assets secure from all possible threats including OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities.


Pliable Delivery Models

Provides security coverage through various delivery models like on-premises, hybrid, and remote

Ease of Integration

Effortless API-based integrations with multi-cloud environment, ensuring management of third-party and public cloud-native security

Accelerated Incident Response with Automation

Instant automation and orchestration of various threat mitigation workflows

Skilled People

Support from certified professionals (CISSP, CISM, etc.) and OEM certified analysts who investigate and maintain security posture 365/24/7

Unified Visibility

Unified portal (customer support management) brings all security services under one delivery platform, where customers have real-time visibility of all security matrices & KPIs.

Airtel Secure Intelligence Centre: Stay ahead of potential security incidents

Take a virtual tour of our state-of-the-art Secure Intelligence Center where we analyse millions of events for our customers. We have both the expertise and credibility to define what a secure enterprise truly looks like.

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Awards and Recognitions

Managed Secure Services Provider

CIO Choice, 2022

Network Security in Large Enterprise

CIO Choice, 2020

Information Security in Large Enterprise

CIO Choice, 2019

Best Security Solution

Global Carrier Awards, 2019

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