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Accelerate your digital transformation with Cloud

Airtel enables your organization to navigate its digital transformation journey, through its deep expertise and integrated products across connectivity, AWS Cloud, security, data centres, and enterprise ecosystem. With Airtel’s solutions across Private, Public and Edge cloud, you get a unique partner who is well placed to not only understand the technology landscape, but also understand your business needs to drive business outcomes beyond SLAs.

Airtel’s strategic collaboration with AWS

Cloud consultation and assessment

Airtel enables to accelerate your cloud journey by helping you design, architect, build, migrate, and manage workloads and applications on the AWS cloud. Our outcome-oriented approach is backed by our adoption of the best practices, frameworks and tools.

AWS-Driven Digital Transformation

Airtel services range across building, installing, and configuring everything you need across the AWS cloud ecosystem including compute power, database storage, content delivery, migration to cloud, Windows & SAP Enterprise applications on Cloud, IoT, Big Data & Analytics.

AI-LED Managed Services

Airtel is fully equipped with AI-led DevOps and a team of industry-certified professionals who ensure that your service is always running at optimum performance.

Our Solutions

Migrations and Assessment

Migrations to AWS include moving any workload from an on-premises environment, hosting facility, or other public cloud. We, in close collaboration with AWS, have built a complete,

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Data Analytics, AI & ML

Data Analytics, AI and ML is all about getting faster and accurate insights from your data to your decision makers. Airtel brings together its deep expertise handling 100’s of trillions of

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Security Managed Services

AWS Security Hub provides you with a comprehensive view of your security state in AWS and helps you check your environment against security industry standards and best practices.

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Application Modernization

Your business applications are the engines that help run your company, allowing you to make decisions, gain insights, and process valuable data. Enterprises looking to modernize

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IoT is everywhere. Your business now has thousands of devices across supply chains, manufacturing floors, distribution channels and retail outlets. With the proliferation of devices, you

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Database Freedom

AWS purpose-built databases provide the scalability, performance, and availability of commercial-grade databases at a fraction of the cost. Airtel and AWS offer highly flexible and automated

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Get the Public Cloud advantage for your business

End-to-end digital transformation

Integrated solution for cloud migration, connectivity, security, data centers, and enterprise applications ecosystem

Scalable solutions

Dynamic scaling of resources and bandwidth

Ease of doing Business

Single vendor for procurement, billing, customer service and support

Certified AWS processes

Over 150 AWS-certified and trained consultants

AI-LED Managed Services

Expertise in managing the IT infrastructure in an AI-led approach

Here’s what the Leaders have to say


I am delighted with the expansion of our relationship with Airtel. Indian companies are using the cloud to innovate, and in order to operate at an increased scale and speed. Many need partners like Airtel, with deep cloud expertise and an industry-focused approach to support them. This collaboration gives customers a single point of contact when dealing with complex migrations or custom-built solutions. Airtel has demonstrated a strong commitment to our shared customers, and we look forward to continue working with them to bring innovative solutions to market.

Puneet Chandok, President, Commercial Sales, India & South Asia, Amazon Internet Services Pvt. Ltd.

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Accelerate your digital transformation with cloud

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Question on Public Cloud?

Airtel AWS Managed Services helps accelerate cloud adoption by defining a standardized operating environment and common application stack templates for use by both cloud-native and traditional workloads. Airtel AWS Managed Services fast-tracks cloud adoption by providing a turnkey service that augments or replaces your infrastructure management capability, and supports your existing operational processes.

Our services can support both traditional and next generation workloads across all of the supported AWS services.

Enterprises want to adopt AWS at scale but often the skills that have served them well in traditional IT do not always translate to success in the cloud. Organizations must transform with new skills, tools and processes, while maintaining compliance and accelerating innovation to drive their businesses. Our services are designed to solve these use cases for enterprises, enabling them to migrate to AWS at scale more quickly, reduce their operating costs, improve security and compliance, and focus on their differentiating business priorities.

Airtel helps you to migrate your traditional workloads to the cloud, developing and managing applications, and offering hybrid and multi-cloud. You can greatly benefit from our AWS Consulting Partners’ deep industry-specific expertise. We offer you ease of business by being a single vendor to manage applications, AWS infrastructure, procurement, billing, customer service and support while AWS Managed Services manages ongoing infrastructure operations.