Secure and gain control of your internet

Airtel Secure Internet is a fully managed, cost-effective solution that lets you gain control over your internet access, preventing any unauthorized access to your corporate network. This solution includes an enterprise-grade internet integrated with DDOS services, a next-gen firewall, and a UTM solution that ensures safety from DDOS attacks and malware, and a virus protection for intrusion detection and content filtering. Our solution provides significant cost savings in both capital expenditures and management and monitoring, by supplying a flexible subscription-based pricing model.

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Benefits of secure internet

Benefits of secure internet

The Airtel Secure Internet advantage

Flexible and Transparent Costs

Flexible subscription-based pricing (monthly or quarterly) for hardware and managed services cuts the need for upfront capital expenditure, staffing, and maintenance costs.

Investment Protection

We provide hardware upgrades at a nominal incremental cost every time you upgrade internet bandwidth.

Peace of Mind

We provide round-the-clock, active management and monitoring of the firewalls and internet connectivity through our Security Intelligence Center.

Comprehensive Intelligence

Our team use advanced systems to provide valuable threat intel to update security patches and keep the devices updated. Also, a single pane of view, management portal provides full visibility of the network.


Secure your organization’s network

FAQ’s on Internet Firewall Solutions

What is Airtel Secure Internet Firewall Solution?

Airtel Secure Internet Firewall Solution is a complete set of managed firewall security services provided by Airtel offering real-time protection against cyber threats. The solution includes a range of features to guard a business's online environment and can be customized to suit their needs.

How does Firewall Security System work to prevent unauthorized access?

Airtel's Enterprise Firewall Solution operates as a barrier between a business's network and the vast internet. They inspect all incoming and outgoing data packets to determine if anything should be allowed or blocked. This filtering process enables the service to prevent unauthorized access and cyber threats.

What are the different types of firewall solutions available?

Airtel Secure Firewall Solutions provides a range of large to small business firewall solutions to choose the one that best suits their needs. Enterprise Firewall Solution includes stateful firewalls, application-layer firewalls, proxy firewalls, and more.

How does Airtel's firewall technology protect against cyber threats and attacks?

Airtel's firewall security for business utilizes several security layers of strong encryption and deep packet inspection with features like anti-spam, anti-virus, intrusion prevention, and content filtering to protect businesses against cyber attacks.

Can Airtel Secure Internet Firewall be customized to meet specific business needs?

Yes, Airtel's large-to-small business firewall solutions offer sufficient flexibility and customization for any business bandwidth or appliance size.

What industries can benefit from Firewall Security Solutions?

Airtel's firewall security solutions are valuable across various industries. These may include healthcare, finance, e-commerce, manufacturing, and more. Overall, any business that uses the internet for its sensitive data can benefit from firewall security.

Is Airtel's firewall technology compliant with industry standards and regulations?

Yes, Airtel's firewall technology complies with industry standards such as HIPAA, GDPR, PCI-DSS, NIST, and FINRA.

How does Airtel provide ongoing support and updates for its firewall technology?

Airtel provides continuous support and monitoring with the help of its Security Intelligence Center.

What are the common firewall security deployment scenarios for businesses?

This usually depends on the specific security needs of a business but most common deployment scenarios include using firewalls at network perimeters, within data centres, or in endpoint devices.

Can Firewall security solution be integrated with existing IT infrastructure?

Yes, Airtel's Enterprise Firewall Solution can be seamlessly integrated with a business's existing IT infrastructure. Users can easily access other Airtel services, like VPNs, virtual desktops, and cloud access solutions.

How often should firewall rules and configurations be updated?

Firewall rules and configurations should be updated regularly to speedily manage evolving cyber threats. Airtel's Security Intelligence Center usually provides updates regularly to keep the firewall technology up-to-date.

Can an Airtel secure firewall security protect against all types of cyber threats?

Even though Airtel's managed firewall service providers offer multi-layered security for businesses, it is often recommended to have a broader security framework for added security measures.

What is the process for implementing Internet firewall solution for a business?

Airtel's firewall security for business implementation process typically involves contacting Airtel, choosing a suitable plan, having an onsite installation, and then enjoying secure Internet access.

Can businesses access firewall reports for monitoring network security?

Yes, Airtel Secure Internet Firewall Solutions provides detailed reports on security governance and regulatory compliance which help businesses monitor their network security and compliance standards.

Strengthen Your Business Internet with Airtel Secure Firewall Solutions

The Internet plays an important part in almost every business operation in the modern world. With growing threats in the digital space, it is only natural to shed more light on the importance of safeguarding internet connections. During the pandemic year of 2020, a 300% spike in cyber-attacks was recorded in India, which further emphasizes the importance of strong cybersecurity measures.

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