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Is your current network ready to support and harness the digital growth? Our future-ready VPN solution offers secure and reliable connectivity, empowering your network for supporting next-gen applications. Airtel VPN is a dedicated MPLS-based connectivity that offers high-performance, any-to-any connectivity to a single network, ensuring your business stays connected. It provides complete flexibility to connect your locations in different ways, with the ability to prioritize network traffic using Class of Service (CoS). The VPN protocol simplifies core networks, increases its efficiency, and ensures efficient and secured data transmission across the network.


Are you looking for a robust last-mile MPLS solution?

Airtel introduces Hybrid VPN

An enterprise-grade MPLS over 5G last-mile connectivity solution. Being one of the leading telecom network providers, Airtel assures reliable 5G connectivity. It offers:

Are you looking for a robust last-mile MPLS connectivity solution?

Airtel introduces Hybrid VPN

An enterprise-grade MPLS over 4G last-mile connectivity solution. Being one of the leading telecom networks and the first to launch 4G in India, Airtel assures you of reliable 4G connectivity even in remotest corners of India. It offers:

Features and benefits of MPLS

Boost performance speed

Grow your network with speeds from 1 Mbps to 100 Gbps.

Prioritize application traffic

Enjoy multiple Class of Service (COS) to prioritize between different applications.

Superior service availability

Ensure seamless business continuity with industry leading SLAs for network uptime.

Visibility across the network

Gain network control with centralized monitoring and visibility into the entire network performance.

End-to-end support

Get a readily available, 24X7 self-care portal for service assurance.

Get the Airtel VPN advantage for your business

Wide reach and global footprint

Take advantage of our robust India and global coverage through direct POPs, strategic alliances, and unmatched network of submarine cables.

Cloud connect

Get seamless, high-speed access to the global cloud platforms like “Azure, AWS, Google, Oracle” using Airtel CONNEXION.

Multiple connectivity options

Seamlessly connect your offices using a diverse selection of network options including fiber, copper, radio, CEN, VSAT, and 4G.

Comprehensive security

Remain completely protected from cyberattacks by communicating over a secure, efficient, and flexible private network infrastructure.

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FAQs on MPLS Solution

What is an MPLS connection and how does it work?

MPLS, or Multiprotocol Label Switching, is a technology used for routing data in a network. It works by adding a label, which is a short identifier, to each data packet. These labels are used to guide the packet through the network. It allows routers to make forwarding decisions based on labels, rather than the packet's header. This process simplifies and speeds up the data transfer process.

What are the main benefits of implementing an MPLS solution in a network?

Some key benefits of implementing MPLS in a network include enhanced reliability, improved performance, better Quality of Service (QoS) control, network traffic management, and support for various types of services like data, voice, and video.

How does Airtel ensure the security of Shared VPN and MPLS connections?

Airtel employs various security measures, including encryption, access controls, and intrusion detection systems, to ensure the security of Shared VPN and MPLS connections. They also adhere to industry standards and best practices to keep enterprise data safe and sound.

What types of businesses can benefit from MPLS connections?

Businesses of various sizes and industries can benefit from MPLS connections. MPLS is particularly valuable for organisations with multiple locations, those requiring reliable and fast data transfer, and those needing to prioritise different types of network traffic.

Can we customize MPLS services to suit specific business needs?

Yes. Airtel offers customisation options for specific business needs. This can include adjusting bandwidth, prioritising specific applications, and implementing additional security measures.

How does MPLS improve network performance compared to traditional routing?

MPLS improves network performance by offering more predictable and efficient routing. It reduces latency and provides better control over prioritisation. It is beneficial for real-time applications like voice and video.

How does an MPLS connection ensure Quality of Service for different types of traffic?

MPLS uses traffic engineering and QoS mechanisms to prioritize different types of traffic. It can allocate more resources to critical applications. It ensures that these receive a consistent level of service. Lower-priority traffic may be deprioritized during network congestion.

Can an MPLS solution be used for both IPv4 and IPv6 traffic?

Yes. MPLS is protocol-agnostic. It can be used to transport both IPv4 and IPv6 traffic. This flexibility is also useful for businesses transitioning to IPv6.

Is an MPLS connection suitable for businesses with multiple locations or branches?

MPLS is an excellent choice for businesses with multiple locations or branches. It creates a private and secure network. It ensures efficient communication between sites.

What types of services can I expect from an MPLS provider?

MPLS providers typically offer services such as site-to-site connectivity, QoS management, network monitoring, security features, and scalability options. It is important to spell out needs and choose a provider that matches them.

What is the typical service level agreement (SLA) for MPLS networks?

SLAs for MPLS networks often include guarantees on network uptime, latency, packet loss, and response times for issue resolution.

Are there any limitations or drawbacks to using an MPLS connection?

Some potential drawbacks include the comparative cost of MPLS and the need for a dedicated provider.

How does an MPLS solution help with traffic engineering and network optimisation?

MPLS allows for precise traffic engineering, enabling route control, load balancing, and optimized network utilization.

Is it possible to integrate MPLS with other network technologies, such as SD-WAN?

Yes, MPLS can be integrated with SD-WAN to combine the reliability and security of MPLS with the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of SD-WAN.

Do MPLS providers offer network monitoring and maintenance?

Most MPLS providers offer network monitoring and maintenance services. They ensure the network operates smoothly, address issues promptly, and optimise performance. This can be a part of the service package or offered as an add-on service.

Airtel’s MPLS Connection for Businesses: Your Next-Gen Partner

Today’s successful businesses rely on cloud-based, bandwidth-heavy applications. They need fast, scalable and secure connectivity to harness every opportunity.

With Airtel’s future-ready VPN solutions, businesses get reliable network connectivity that can handle growth in next-gen applications and usage. A shared VPN connection is also cost-efficient.

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