Prepaid ZEE5 Pack FAQs

Q1. What is Prepaid Airtel ZEE5 offer?

Airtel is offering ZEE5 membership at no extra cost with its Prepaid Rs. 289 pack.

On recharging with the Rs. 289 pack, you get telecom benefits of 1.5GB data per day, unlimited calls & ZEE5 membership, all valid for 28 days. With ZEE5 membership, you can enjoy unlimited streaming anytime - anywhere, movies including the latest and exclusive blockbuster Hollywood, Bollywood and Indian Regional movies & TV shows.

Q2. Is this offer available to all Airtel Prepaid customers?

Yes, this recharge is available to all Airtel Prepaid customers

Q3. Is this offer available on recharges done through other mode like Paytm, PhonePe etc.?

Yes. ZEE5 membership offer is available on a recharge of Rs. 289 done through any mode:

Offline – via the Airtel distribution network

Online - via any app/payment mode that supports the recharge of Airtel Prepaid numbers

Q4. What is the process of claiming ZEE5 membership after recharging with Recharge 289?

After the recharge of Rs. 289, ZEE5 membership can be activated on Airtel Thanks App.

- Download the app & click on the ZEE5 banner on the app home page

- You can also visit the “Discover airtelThanks” section on app homepage to claim your ZEE5 membership

Q5. What will happen if I recharge with Rs. 289 before my existing pack is expired?


In such a case, the current pack’s validity and benefit will remain as is. Only when this current pack’s validity is over, will the benefits of Rs. 289 pack start i.e. 1.5GB Data per day, Unlimited calls and ZEE5 membership for 28 days.

Q6. What if I recharge with Rs. 289 but claim ZEE5 benefits after 10 days?

The validity of both ZEE5 and telecom benefits is 28 days from the date that your recharge comes into effect If your claim ZEE5 membership 10 days after the pack, you will get the claimed benefit for remaining 18 days only. Thus, it is highly recommended to claim ZEE5 benefit on the date of recharge.

Q7. What will happen if I recharge with some other Prepaid pack before expiry of 289 pack?

There will be no impact on existing benefits until validity period of 28 days of existing pack. After expiry of 28 days, benefits of new pack will start and ZEE5 membership will cease.

Q8. What will happen on expiry of Rs. 289 recharge pack after 28 days?

On expiry, the ZEE5 benefits will also stop along with data and calling benefits.

Q9. What will happen if I recharge with 289 more than once on same day?

In this case, validity of both telco benefits & ZEE5 subscription will be added. That is, you will get 56 days of telco & ZEE subscription benefits. The maximum times this recharge will succeed is 6 times owing to the maximum validity of any pack capped at 180 days.

Q10. How will I know the status of ZEE5 offer – whether availed or not?

Status of ZEE5 offer can be checked via the “Discover airtelThanks” page on Airtel Thanks App.

If the ZEE5 benefit is claimed, the app will display the option “Watch now” along with the validity of your subscription period.

Q11. Is there any other place other than Airtel Thanks App from where I can claim ZEE5 membership?

No, you can claim the ZEE5 offer solely from the Airtel Thanks app.

Q12. Will I be charged anything extra from ZEE for subscription?

No. You won’t be charged anything extra for ZEE5 subscription until the 28 days of pack validity period gets over.

Q13. I do not have a ZEE account. Can I avail this offer?

Yes you can avail this offer by recharging with Rs.289 pack. Post recharge, you can claim the ZEE5 membership from within Airtel Thanks App

Q14. I already have an active ZEE5 membership. Can I still avail this offer?

This offer is not available for active ZEE5 members. You can wait till your current membership expires.

Q15. How can I watch ZEE5 Video content after taking this offer?

You can watch ZEE5 video content on ZEE5 App on your phone, PC, tablet, TV and other supporting platforms.

Q16. What all can I watch on ZEE5 after taking this offer?

You can enjoy unlimited streaming anytime, anywhere of latest and popular movies and TV shows on ZEE5 including the latest and exclusive blockbuster Hollywood, Bollywood and Indian Regional movies, top TV shows, stand-up comedies, kids programs and critically acclaimed ZEE5 Originals.

Q17. How can I cancel my ZEE5 subscription?

You can cancel your ZEE5 membership by writing to ZEE5 support

Q18. Can I take this offer on multiple devices using same phone number?

You can take the offer only once for a phone number but can login into multiple devices. Please note, only 1 device can view the content at a time.

Q19. I am not an Airtel customer. Can I avail this offer?

No. The offer is available for Airtel Prepaid customers only. If you wish to avail this offer, you can migrate your number to Airtel Prepaid and recharge with Rs. 289 pack

Q20. I am an Airtel Postpaid/DTH/Broadband customer. Can I avail this offer?

This offer is currently available only for Airtel Prepaid customers.

Q21. On how many screen/devices can I use my ZEE5 membership?

ZEE5 can be downloaded and used on multiple devices with same login credentials however, only 1 device can view the content at a time.

Q22. I recharged with 289, but the banner for ZEE5 activation is not getting displayed on Airtel Thanks app. What should I do?

Please check whether you have the latest version of Airtel Thanks app. If not, update the app. If you have the latest version and the banner is still not visible, check for the receipt of ZEE5 membership confirmation SMS and follow instructions therein. If problem still persists, please contact Airtel Customer care.

Q23. I forgot my ZEE5 login credentials. What should I do?

You can contact ZEE5 customer support to get help with login credentials. You can also try “Forgot Password” option on ZEE5 app.