Secure Internet FAQ

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What is Secure Internet?

With Secure Internet you get a safe internet experience for your kids with complimentary subscription for the first month. It also helps you protect all the connected devices connected to Airtel Xstream Fiber from Viruses and Malwares.


For e.g. if you want to block specific content like Adult, Social, and Gaming sites, you can select the content type and the system will block all the websites and App falling in that profile. You can view List of Content types for each profile on Airtel Thanks App.


To use this feature you need to connect the device to your Airtel Xstream Fiber.

What are the key Features of Secure Internet?

The key features of the Secure Internet are:

  • Virus and Malware Protection – protect all devices connected to Airtel Xstream Fiber from virus and malware that can come through the internet.
  • Content Filtering - Block objectionable content (websites and Apps) from the internet such as Adult, Entertainment, Gaming sites etc. when you opt for a specific profile.
What is the meaning of a profile? Are the charges same for each profile?

Profile is a content category which you can choose as per your own preference. There are 4 profiles:

  • Virus Protection
  • Child Safe
  • Study Mode
  • Work Mode

Each profile restricts specific categories of content. For example, Work Mode restricts ‘Streaming Media’ category and thus blocks sites like Netflix, YouTube, Hotstar etc. Study Mode restricts ‘Games’ category and thus blocks online games. User can select only one profile at a time.


The charges of profile do not vary depending on the profile. To check the list of profiles and update profile definition go to Thanks App -> Thanks Page -> Tap on Secure Internet Card -> Tap on Manage

Will all the apps and games be blocked with Secure Internet?

Secure Internet is a network-based security service. Any games or applications utilizing local storage will continue to function as it does not require network access to work and cannot be blocked at a network level.

How can I subscribe to this service?

To subscribe to this service with ease, please

  • Go to Airtel Thanks App -> Thanks Page ,
  • Tap on Secure Internet Thanks Card
  • Click on Subscribe.
Where can I get the details of the product?

To get the details of the product, please go to Airtel Thanks App -> Thanks Page and click on Secure Internet Card.

Where can I access the list of categories’ that can be blocked?

To get the list of categories:

  • Go to Airtel Thanks App
  • Go to Thanks Page
  • Tap on Secure Internet Thanks Card
  • Tap on Manage. You will see a page with all profiles.
  • On each profile, tap on Blocked Categories link to see the profile.
How can existing user change his current profile.

To change your existing profile:

  • Go to Thanks App
  • Go To Thanks Page
  • Tap on Secure Internet Card
  • Tap on Manage
  • Tap on Change Profile. Select the profile to change.
Do I need to be connected to Airtel Xstream Fiber to use Secure Internet feature?

Yes, you need to be connected to your Airtel Xstream Fiber to use the feature. Failing which, you won’t be able to use this service.

Will I get notification on App as well as web in case any content is restricted?

You will get text on the browser page confirming that this content is blocked. Please note, in case of few sites such as Netflix, You tube you will just see the browser’s default error page.

Is Secure Internet chargeable? What are the charges for the product?

The first month subscription is complimentary for our users and minimal monthly charges of Rs 99 (excluding GST) will be added to your bill next month onwards.

How will I be charged for the service?

Minimum monthly charge for this service will be added to your Airtel Xstream Fiber bill.

I have ARP Airtel Xstream Fiber Plan, How will the charging happen in my case?

If you are on ARP plan, the monthly charge will be generated and you will receive a bill to pay for this service.

How do I unsubscribe from the service?

To unsubscribe from the service go to Airtel Thanks App -> Thanks Page -> Secure Internet -> Unsubscribe from the manage page.

Will customer be charged for Total subscription amount or it will be charged on pro-rata basis?

You will be charged for full month. If you unsubscribe in middle the month, then the service will remain active till the end of the subscription period.

In the time between user activation initiation and actual initiation what will be the card status?

During the process of activation initiation & actual initiation the Claim button will be in disabled state.

How much time it will take for service to activate?

It will take only 1 min to 2 hours for service to get activated.

How customer will be notified on service activation & deactivation?

You will be notified via SMS on your registered mobile number upon service activation & deactivation.

Will I get any pre-renewal notification for service renewal post one month?

Yes, you will get pre-renewal notifications three days prior to the renewal. You will get it through SMS on your registered mobile number.

Why am I unable to subscribe to Secure Internet?

If you are on Static IP, Secure Internet services will not work for you currently.