With businesses aiming to achieve bigger profits, it has become imperative for them to drive higher productivity and efficiency from the existing resources. While monitoring the processes regularly remains a challenge, it is important for them to implement various processes to ensure the ease of business.


With businesses growing even more competitive by each passing day, we bring to you Airtel Digital Store, which helps you streamline your business processes, making it more productive and also more affordable. Airtel Digital Store enables you to reduce revenue leakages, reach the right audience at the right time and higher accuracy.



e-Sales Performance Management

The solution helps in ascertaining performance of the sales team members, through an intuitive interface. The solution lets them assign KPI’s, tracks term to term results and gives them scores according to their performance.

e-Retail Account Management

The e-Retail Account solution helps in tracking sales of every customer and assists retailers in keeping up with consumer buying trends.

e-Customer Care Solutions

This solution helps call centre executives to keep track of frequent customer queries, helping them reduce the call handling by 50%.

e-Network Performance Management

Strengthening the network infrastructure for the users, e-Network Performance Management helps you check signal strength, data & voice quality, weak spots, internet speed and tower map. Weak coverage points can be reported to Airtel at any moment.


  • Our solutions boost productivity, eliminating all the redundant activities.
  • Easily deployable, we ensure that our solutions enable you to improve the process, without essentially altering them.
  • Accessible through smartphones, our solutions can be managed remotely as well.
  • Ensuring real-time analysis, we make sure that the operation time is saved.