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Credit Card EMI Calculator - Airtel Finance

A Credit Card EMI Calculator enables you to make well-informed judgments about your credit card usage in general. And it can be used as many times as you like, for free. Choose the tenure, amount, interest rate and find out how much EMI you have to pay, instantly. Make easy and timely repayments with a credit card EMI calculator.

How to Apply for a Credit Card?

Applying for a credit card is very easy. Follow the steps below:

  • Get Airtel Thanks
    Download the app and go to Shop section

  • Click on Airtel Finance
    You will see the Credit Card button;

  • Click on Apply Now
    Now fill up the complete application form

  • Complete digital KYC
    The card will be delivered to you within 5-7 business days.

Features of Credit Card

Big savings and cashback offers, now with Credit Card

  • Low Joining Fees
    Just ₹500 joining fees

  • Higher credit limit
    Credit limit up to ₹5 lacs

  • Annual savings
    Save up to ₹16,000 annually

  • Low annual fee
    Just ₹500 as annual fee

  • 100% digital process
    Apply on the Airtel App

  • Relaxed eligibility
    18-70 years old

FAQs on Credit Card EMI Calculator

What is a Credit Card EMI calculator?

The EMI calculator for your credit card works based on EMIs that you take from your credit card. This Credit Card EMI calculator helps you to assess how much EMI you will have to pay each month on your EMI based purchases.

How does a Credit Card EMI calculator work?

An EMI calculator is based on the following factors: the interest rate, the time duration, and the total amount. The EMI credit card works rather easily. Simply enter all these details on the calculator and you will get the EMI amount per month in an instant.

Can I use a Credit Card EMI calculator for any credit card?

No, you will not be able to use credit card EMI from any credit card. Make sure that your credit card is eligible for EMIs and only then should you go ahead and use the credit card EMI calculator.

How to calculate EMI on Credit Cards?

You will not really have to do any calculation by yourself. Simply enter the information – the total amount, the interest rate, and the tenure in the calculator. That is all. Your EMI will be calculated in a very few seconds.

Is it mandatory to opt for an EMI plan on my credit card?

It is certainly not mandatory to choose an EMI plan on your credit card. Instead, you can simply complete the full payment with your credit card or debit card. It will also help you to avoid worrying about interest rates on EMIs.

What will happen if I miss to pay my Credit Card EMI?

It is highly suggested that you never miss out from paying your credit card EMI. In case, this happens, then your CIBIL score will get a big hit. As a result, banks will be hesitant to provide you with a credit card in future. In addition, the credit limit on your card could also get affected.

What is the due date for paying my EMI?

The 5th of every month is the last date for paying your credit card EMIs. If you opt for an EMI till the 15th of any month, then the EMI will have to be paid by the 5th. Otherwise, you will have to pay the EMIs on the 5th starting from next-to-next month.

What is the benefit of using a Credit Card EMI calculator?

A Credit Card EMI calculator is extremely helpful as it gives you a complete understanding of how much EMI you will have to pay. As a result, you can assess whether you really want to purchase an item with an EMI.

How accurate are the results generated by a credit card EMI calculator?

The credit card EMI calculators are very accurate. The entire calculation is done by a computerised calculator built within the website, so you really do not have to worry about the accuracy of the results. You can trust what the EMI calculator says.

Can I change the tenure or the principal amount while using a Credit Card EMI Calculator?

You can certainly change any of the factors associated with your EMI amount and check whether it meets your budget. If you think that it ticks all the right boxes, then go and apply for the credit card EMI straightaway.

Do all credit cards have the EMI facility?

Not all credit cards have an EMI facility. If you want to be sure, then you can visit your credit card issuing merchant’s website to check. On the other hand, you could also contact the customer support wing of the credit card merchant and get your doubts about EMI facility cleared.

Is there any limit to the number of times I can use a credit card EMI calculator?

Not really. You can use the credit card EMI calculator as many times as you want. There are no limits based on it. Use the credit card EMI calculator to your maximum advantage to find the optimum EMI option that balances your monthly budget.

Why should I convert credit card purchases into EMI?

Converting your credit card purchases into EMIs is one of the best ideas. Simply because you will not have to pay the entire outstanding credit amount at one go. Furthermore, you can also get interest-free EMIs on multiple credit cards.

How to Convert Credit Card Payments into EMIs?

Converting your regular credit card payment into an EMI is quite easy. Simply opt for the credit card EMI option when you are making a payment. It is easy, the credit card EMI process is streamlined, and you can pay back your outstanding credit card bill in EMIs instead of a lumpsum amount.

Are there any fees or charges associated with using a credit card EMI calculator?

No additional charges or hidden fees will be added if you use a credit card EMI calculator. In fact, these EMI calculators are available to you, completely free of cost and you can use them as you wish.

Do I get reminder for the Credit Card EMI payment?

Yes, banks or credit card merchants usually send reminders if your credit card EMI payment is due. Ensure that you always pay your EMIs on time, else, it could wreak havoc on your credit score and overall creditability.

How much time does it take for Credit Card EMI to be active?

Your credit card EMI will get activated instantly when you make the payment with your credit card. Use the free credit card EMI calculator before making the payment to understand if you can get a better EMI payment option somehow.

Can I compare the EMI options offered by different banks using a credit card EMI calculator?

Surely, you can. Usually, different banks have different rules in their EMI offerings of a credit card. In addition, some banks offer interest-free credit card EMI payments, while others may ask for an interest. As a result, it is a great idea to check the EMI options from multiple banks before going for the best deal available.

What is Credit Card EMI Calculator?

The Credit Card EMI Calculator is the perfect calculator when you want to measure how much EMI you will be paying on a certain purchase with your credit card. There are multiple benefits associated with the credit card – fuel surcharge waivers, cashback offers on Airtel Thanks-based payments, low joining fees, domestic airport lounge benefits and a lot more. As a result, it can be quite easy for you to go ahead and make that credit card EMI purchase.

However, sometimes it is just better that you wait and analyse how the EMI will affect your monthly budget. While paying your credit card bills on EMIs is always a good idea, it is also important that you check if you can get a better EMI payment option. To find a better EMI option, the credit card EMI calculator comes to your rescue.

How is credit card EMI calculated?

Your credit card EMI is calculated on the following factors:

  • The total principal amount that you are paying.
  • Interest charges levied on your credit card EMI purchase.
  • Total duration of the EMI.

Thus, you can also use the credit card EMI calculator as your credit card interest calculator and see how much interest is being levied on your purchase. Look out for deals that offer you zero interest charges on your EMI – as these are the best. The EMI calculator works automatically, you will only have to add the values related to your EMI payment.

How to pay with credit card EMI?

Paying your credit card EMI is rather easy. When you are purchasing a service or an item on an e-commerce platform, simply choose the EMI option while checkout. After that, click on your credit card EMI option of choice and just proceed with it. Your credit card EMI payment will be completed in no time. However, before proceeding with the payment, make sure to use the credit card loan EMI calculator and check for the best EMI deals.

Ways to apply for credit card EMI

If you are looking for ways to apply for your credit card EMI, then simply choosing the EMI option during checkout from an e-commerce platform is the easiest way to go about it. When you are completing your payment, you will see all the details associated with the EMI payment. Information such as EMI to be paid per month, interest rate, any additional charges such as processing fees and more – you will be able to see everything. Check all the components clearly and apply for your credit card EMI in an instant.