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Instant Loan Online - Airtel Flexi Credit

Say goodbye to strict EMI schedules and non-flexible loan repayment plans with Airtel Finance. No need to wait for days to get your application approved or put effort into producing multiple documents. Just complete your application online for Airtel Flexi Credit and get the amount disbursed instantly! Withdraw big or small, choose the EMI amount, and the loan tenure as per your need.

 Benefits of Instant Loan

Get a loan on your terms. Choose from flexible EMI and tenure options.

  • 100% digital process
    Submit all your details online and any documents, if needed

  • Instant Loan approval
    Get your Loan application approved!

  • Flexible EMIs and tenure
    Choose the loan amount, tenure, and EMI amount as per your need

How to apply for Instant Loan?

Follow simple steps as mentioned below

  • Open Airtel Thanks app
    Find Shop > Airtel Finance

  • Select Flexi Credit
    Fill in your basic details

  • Get best offer
    Basis profile verification

  • Complete the KYC
    Link your bank account

Instant Loan EMI Calculator - Airtel Flexi Credit

Calculate your instant Loan EMIs and interest rate easily using the Instant Loan EMI calculator.
Adjust the tenure and loan amount to know the average interest amount.

Personal loan amount
Enter the loan amount


Tenure plan
Choose your tenure plan


Rate of interest
Adjust your interest rate






 Instant Loan
Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for an instant loan, borrowers need to meet some criterion

  • Age must be above 18

    The borrower must be at least 18 years old to be eligible for an instant loan.
  • Stable Income Source

    The borrower must have a stable source of income, such as a salary or business income.
  • Minimum Credit Score: 720

    The borrower should have a decent credit score to be eligible for an instant loan.

Features of Personal Loan

With Airtel Flexi Credit you get below

1 /  

  • Personal loan amount
    ₹10,000 to ₹9,00,000
  • Interest rates
    Starting from 11.5% p.a.
  • Personal loan tenure
    03 to 60 months
  • Credit disbursal
    Within 24 hours
  • No paperwork
    100% online
  • Low processing fee
    2% to 4% + GST

FAQs on Instant Loan -
Airtel Flexi Credit

What is an Instant Loan?

An Instant Loan is an unsecured personal loan that has key features of quick approval and disbursal process. Airtel Flexi Credit offers both Airtel and non-Airtel users instant loans with flexible loan tenure and EMI options.

What are the eligibility criteria for getting an instant loan?

Some of the common loan eligibility criteria considered by lenders for an instant loan are:
  • Stable employment
  • Minimum monthly income of ₹15,000 and more (may vary for different lenders)
  • Minimum age – 21 years
  • Applicant should be salaried or self-employed

There can be additional factors related to credit score, payment history, etc. These differ for every lender.

Can I get an instant loan without a credit score?

Yes, you can get an instant loan without a credit score. However, to show your creditworthiness, you will have to produce relevant documents as directed by the lender. These may include your bank statements, income details, etc.

What is the maximum amount that I can borrow through an instant loan?

You can borrow up to ₹8-9 Lacs through Airtel Flexi Credit Instant Loan. The amount approved depends on your credit score, payment history, and other eligibility criteria. The maximum amount will differ for other financial services.

What are the benefits of an instant loan?

As the name suggests, instant loans are approved quickly (approved within a minute with Airtel Flexi Credit) and the amount is disbursed right away (within 24 hours with Airtel Instant Loans). Moreover, the process is 100% digital and paperless with minimal documentation. These factors really speed up the process and help applicants who require the funds immediately owing to an emergency.

What are the features of an Instant Loan?

Following are the features of an Instant Loan:
  • Quick approval
  • Online Process
  • No Collateral required
  • Simple Process
  • Flexible loan tenure
  • Competitive Interest Rates

How long does it take to get an instant loan approved and disbursed?

Instant loans ideally should show the application status within a minute and if approved, the funds must be transferred within 24 hours (given all eligibility criteria are met and documents are in place). Some partners may take 72 hours or more to transfer the funds. Airtel Flexi Credit instant loans only take 24 hours!

What are the documents required for applying for an instant loan?

In most cases, the applicant’s Aadhaar Card and PAN card along with salary slips and bank statements are sufficient to process an instant loan application. However, this may not be the case for every applicant. It is determined on case-to-case basis.

Are instant loans available for self-employed individuals or only for salaried employees?

Instant Loans are available for both self-employed and salaried employees through Airtel Flexi Credit services. The list of documents showing your income will differ for a salaried and self-employed applicant.

What is the interest rate for an instant loan?

The interest rates for an instant loan are usually competitive. It depends on several factors like the applicant’s credit score, debt-to-income ratio, and more. Creditors go through the list to offer an interest rate for an instant loan. As a thumb rule, the higher the credit score, the lower the interest rates.

Is collateral required for getting an instant loan?

No, since an instant loan is an unsecured loan, there’s no need to present any collateral or security to apply for an instant loan.

Can I prepay my instant loan without any additional charges?

In most cases, lenders allow borrowers to prepay their loan after payment of a certain number of EMI installments. However, prepayment in the partial or full form usually attracts a penalty fee. This fee is charged so that the banks can cover the interest amount to some extent.

What happens if I am unable to repay my instant loan on time?

Here are a few consequences you may possibly face, in case of non-payment of the loan on time:
  • Constant reminders on multiple channels by the lender for payments. If these reminders are avoided, legal action can be taken from the lender’s side.
  • Additional Interest is charged on the loan amount increasing your debt burden.
  • The credit score will drop, and this will create problems for you in the future if you are planning to take a home loan or a car loan, or even a personal loan.

How can I increase the chances of my loan application getting approved?

  • Keep your credit score on the higher side and payments on time.
  • Credit Utilization should be under 30% of the total credit approved.
  • Debt-to-Income ratio should be balanced.
  • Updated address and limited credit inquiries.

Can a businessman opt for an Instant loan?

Yes, a businessman is self-employed and therefore can opt for an instant loan.

Can people working as freelancers get Instant loans?

Yes, people working as freelancers can get instant loans given that they have all the necessary income proofs and bank statements.

How early can a person get an Instant loan?

Financial services like Airtel Flexi Credit can disburse the loan amount within 24 hours to the borrower as long as all eligibility and document-related criteria are met.

Do government employees get special low-interest rates on instant loans?

Check with the financial partner to know more about such case-specific queries about instant loans.

What are the instant Loan Eligibility Criteria for ₹1 lakh?

The eligibility criteria for ₹1 lakh instant loan include a minimum age of 21 years, salaried or self-employed individual, stable job, minimum income of ₹15,000/month, and a few lender-specific parameters.

What are the instant Loan Eligibility Criteria for ₹3 lakhs?

The eligibility criteria for ₹3 lakhs are the same as the eligibility requirements for ₹1 lakh instant loan. See above.

What are the instant Loan Eligibility Criteria for ₹5 lakhs?

It depends on the lenders. Please check with the lender to know more details. However, a stable income and 21 years of age are some common parameters.

What are the instant Loan Eligibility Criteria for ₹8 lakhs?

Every bank and lender have their own policy for an instant loan of ₹8 lakhs. It is advised to check with the lender before starting the loan application to procced.

Personal Loan Lending Partner -
Airtel Flexi Credit

What is Airtel Flexi Credit Instant Loan?

The Airtel Flexi Credit Instant Loan is a newly launched financial product by Airtel Finance. It is an unsecured personal loan offered for both, short term and long term. The Airtel Flexi Credit Instant Loan is referred to as an instant loan due to its quick application and approval process. The applicant can fill out the form from the comfort of their home and get their loan application approved within just 24 hours! Airtel Flexi Credit Instant Loan is best for individuals looking to take out a personal loan for emergencies with a flexible repayment loan tenure.

Eligibility Criteria for Instant Loan

The eligibility criteria for an instant loan are kept simple to fast-track the application process and offer instant approval and disbursal. Since Airtel Flexi Credit is offered by multiple financial partners, the loan eligibility criteria differ for each of them. Here are a few common eligibility parameters:

  • Minimum age of the applicant should be 18+ years.
  • Maximum age of the applicant should be between 55 to 65 years. (Depends on the lender)
  • Type of Employment – The applicant should be salaried or self-employed.
  • The minimum monthly income should be above ₹13, 500 or ₹15,000 per month.

If you fulfil the above pointers and produce the relevant documents, your loan will be processed instantly. There can be a few extra parameters set by the lenders.


Key Features and Benefits of Instant Personal Loans

Here are a few features and benefits of Instant Personal Loans:

  • Flexible repayment options including prepayment or foreclosure.
  • 100% Digital process with zero paperwork.
  • Instant approvals are followed by instant disbursals.
  • Both long (up to 60 months) and short-term loan tenure is available.
  • Option to decide the monthly EMI amount as per monthly financial commitments.
  • Multiple loan offers from various financial partners.
  • Minimal documentation and easy process.
  • Pre-qualified loan offers for Airtel customers.
  • Loan offers available up to 9 Lacs.

Things to consider while applying for Instant Loan

If you have decided to apply for an instant loan, you should keep the following pointers in mind:

  • Go for a trusted brand like Airtel Finance for taking an instant loan.
  • Compare loan interest rates offered by various financial partners.
  • Understand more about processing and penalty fees.
  • Learn about foreclosure or prepayment policies and charges from the lender.
  • Choose a personal loan EMI amount that doesn’t hamper your monthly budget.
  • Keep your documents ready and payments on time for instant loan approval.

Things to Avoid while applying for Instant Loan

Here are a few things you should avoid while applying for an instant loan:

  • Don’t take a hasty decision for taking out the loan.
  • Apply for a loan only when you definitely need it.
  • If it is pre-decided to take out a loan, keep your credit score and payment history in check.
  • Don’t apply for a loan from lesser-known financial startups or companies.