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Online EMI Calculator

An EMI calculator is an online tool that allows you to calculate the Equated Monthly Installment (EMI) required to repay your Personal Loans from Airtel Finance. To find the Personal Loan EMI Calculator, scroll down and calculate your personal loan EMIs and interest rate easily using the Personal Loan EMI calculator.


How to Calculate the Loan EMI?

To calculate the Personal Loan EMI, follow the below steps-
Identify your Principal amount, next identify your Annual Interest Rate. Then, calculate your monthly interest rate, and finally, find your loan tenure, i.e., the number of months in which you need to repay the loan amount.

Apply for a personal loan

Follow the simple steps as mentioned below

  • Open Airtel Thanks app
    Find Shop > Airtel Finance

  • Select Flexi Credit
    Fill in your basic details

  • Get best offer
    Basis profile verification

  • Complete the KYC
    Tap on personal loan section and complete the KYC

Features of Personal Loan

With Airtel Flexi Credit you get below

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  • Personal loan amount
    ₹10,000 to ₹9,00,000
  • Interest rates
    Starting from 11.5% p.a.
  • Personal loan tenure
    03 to 60 months
  • Credit disbursal
    Within 24 hours
  • No paperwork
    100% online
  • Low processing fee
    2% to 4% + GST

FAQs on EMI Calculator

What is an EMI calculator?

An EMI calculator works as a tool to help you determine the EMIs that you have to pay, once you apply for a personal loan, home loan, car loan or any other form of loan. It helps you to get a greater understanding on your EMI payments so that you can plan your finances better.

How does an EMI calculator work?

An EMI calculator shows results in seconds. You just have to enter the principal amount, rate of interest and tenure, and the EMI calculator will show you the monthly EMI as well as the total interest you have to pay.

Why should I use an EMI calculator?

An EMI calculator can work out lengthy calculations in just few seconds. The entire process is digital, and you get accurate results as well. The EMI calculator will also help you to make better financial choices.

What information do I need to use an EMI calculator?

You need to know the principal loan amount, rate of interest and loan tenure to find out how much you have to pay as EMIs from the EMI calculator.

Is the EMI amount calculated by the calculator accurate?

Yes, the EMI amount calculated is completely digital and is accurate too.

Can I use an EMI calculator for any type of loan?

Yes, you can use an EMI calculator to figure out the EMI amount for all kinds of loans.

How can I access an EMI calculator?

You can use the Airtel EMI calculator on the Airtel personal loan page to find out more about your EMI payments.

Is using an EMI calculator difficult?

Not at all. Using an EMI calculator is extremely easy. You just have to enter the principal loan amount, rate of interest and loan tenure to find out your EMI amount.

What factors can affect my EMI amount?

Your principal, rate of interest and loan tenure can affect the EMI amount.

Can I change the loan tenure and interest rate in the calculator?

Yes, you can change the principal, loan tenure and interest rate within the loan calculator to check how they affect your EMIs.

Is the EMI amount fixed throughout the loan tenure?

Yes, your EMI amount will be fixed throughout the loan tenure.

How can I use an EMI calculator to plan my budget?

TThe EMI calculator gives you an idea of how much money you have to set aside each month. As a result, you can plan the rest of your monthly expenses better.

What is the difference between reducing balance and flat rate EMI calculators?

In the case of reducing balance, the interest amount is calculated based on the remaining amount that is to be repaid by you. Whereas, for flat rate EMI calculator, the interest is calculated on the complete amount, at the time the loan gets sanctioned.

Can an EMI calculator tell me the total cost of my loan?

Yes, you can use an EMI calculator to find out how much interest you will be paying in total. Therefore, you can find out how much the loan will be costing you.

Is there any cost associated with using an EMI calculator?

Not at all. The Airtel EMI calculator is completely free to use.

Can I use an EMI calculator on a mobile device?

Yes, you can use the EMI calculator on your smartphone as well.

What should I do if the EMI calculated is beyond my budget?

If the EMI calculated is beyond your budget, then you have to either reduce the principal amount or reduce the rate of interest for your loan. You can also try to increase the loan tenure. Otherwise, you will have to look for a better deal elsewhere.

Is the EMI calculator's result final, or can it change during the loan approval process?

The EMI calculator result is accurate. However, the loan approval process might require you to pay some additional money, such as processing fees, handling charges, convenience fees, etc.

Can I use the EMI calculator to compare loans from different banks or lenders?

Yes, you can always use the EMI calculator to compare loans from different banks or lenders. The EMI calculator is a handy tool and can help you make the best financial decision.

Are there any limitations to using an EMI calculator?

No, there aren’t any limitations to using an EMI calculator. You can use it as many times as you wish.

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What is an EMI Calculator?

When you apply for a personal loan from a bank, you will always have to pay the loan amount back along with some rate of interest. Now, banks and financial institutions understand that for a common man to be able to repay the loan amount in one go is not a cakewalk. Therefore, you can always pay back the due amount with the help of easy and flexible EMIs. As a result, you end up paying your loan not as a lump sum, but through a step-by-step process.

Now, an EMI calculator is a utility tool which helps you understand how much EMI you have to pay every month.

What is the process to calculate the EMI?

EMI calculation is a complicated process. To calculate your EMI correctly, you will have to use the following formula:

EMI = [P x R x (1+R)^N]/[(1+R)^N-1]

In this EMI calculation formula,

EMI denotes your monthly instalments,

P denotes the principal amount that you have taken on loan,

R stands for the rate of interest, which depends from bank to bank,

N stands for the total time period for which you have taken the loan

Therefore, as you can see the loan EMI calculation formula is quite complicated. That is why, to make things easier for you as a customer, the EMI calculator plays a key role. By using the online EMI calculator, you won’t have to work on all these complex numbers yourself. Instead, all you have to do is enter the values and the EMI calculator will show you the right values within a second.

How can I use an EMI calculator?

Using an online EMI calculator is extremely easy and straightforward. You just have to enter the values as prompted on the online EMI calculator and you will see the EMI value almost instantly. The values you enter are as per your wish.

Here’s how to use an online EMI calculator:

  • Visit the online EMI calculator page of your choice
  • Type in the personal loan amount or drag the bar
  • Similarly, type in the tenure or time period or drag the bar
  • Finally, adjust your rate of interest
  • The EMI calculator will immediately show you all the values: the total interest you will be paying and the EMI at the start of each month

Therefore, using the EMI calculator is one of the best ways to estimate how much EMI or interest you will be paying when you take a personal loan.

Benefits of EMI Calculator?

Here are some of the biggest benefits of an EMI calculator:

Simple and easy way to find out EMIs

Most personal loan providers offer an EMI calculator facility on their website. This is because the EMI calculator is extremely handy for those who wish to apply for a personal loan and plan their finances better. Users will just have to enter some basic information and get instant results.

No need to perform manual calculations

The EMI calculation formula is not simple and can be time-consuming. Instead, personal loan applicants can use the online EMI calculator to find out the value in an instant. You won’t have to sit down with a pen and paper and work out a lengthy formula with multiple variables.

Provides better information

If you are looking to apply for a personal loan but are not sure of the exact amount, then the EMI calculator is a great feature to use. The online EMI calculator will show you the exact amount that you need to pay, with a clear bifurcation of the EMI amount, interest and the principal. Therefore, by using the online EMI calculator, you get a clear idea of all the aspects of your personal loan repayment.

How to get a lower EMI?

Here are some of the ways in which you can get a lower EMI:

  • Research various personal loan lenders to ensure you are getting the best deal
  • Choose a longer time period for your personal loan
  • Ensure that you have a good credit score
  • Try to reduce the personal loan amount, if possible
  • If all the above steps fail, try to negotiate with the personal loan provider for a better rate

Floating Rate EMI Calculation

The EMI formula for a floating rate of interest rate remains the same. The only change is the fact that in the case of floating rates, your rate of interest will be affected based on the market. To get the best deal on floating rate EMIs, always ensure that you input the corresponding values on an EMI calculator to check the EMI amount you will have to pay each month.