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    Bharti Cellular quotes the highest amount of Rs.203.65 crore for the fourth operator for cellular mobile telephone service for Mumbai

    New Delhi, July 11, 2001: The first round of financial bids for the Fourth Operator for the Cellular Mobile Telephone Services (CMTS) were opened here today in the presence of authorized representatives of the bidder companies. It was found that out of 17 service areas M/s Bharati Cellular Ltd. had bid the highest amount for 9 service areas such as Mumbai (Rs.203.65 crores), Kolkatta (Rs.77.85 crore), Gujarat (Rs.102.56 crore), Haryana(Rs.21.45 crore), Kerala (Rs.40.53 crore), Madhya Pradesh (Rs. 17.45 crore), Tamil Nadu (Rs.77.85 crore), U.P.West (Rs.30.54 crore) and U.P. East (Rs.30.54 crore) followed by Ms/ Barakhamba Sales & Services Ltd. in the 4 service areas such as Chennai (Rs. 117.50 crore), Andhra Pradesh (Rs. 103 crore), Karnataka (Rs. 150.40 crore) and Maharashtra (Rs. 103 crore). Ms/ Escorts Telecommunications Ltd. bid the highest amount in ffimachal Pradesh (Rs.1.10 crore), Rajasthan (Rs.18 crore) , M/s. Reliable Internet Services Ltd. quoted the highest in Delhi Service Area (Rs.90 crore) and M/s. Indmobile Ltd. in Punjab Circle (Rs. 105 crore).

    These companies were found pre-qualified for participation in Financial biddin 9 process which were announced on the 00' July, 2001. The tenders were invited on 9 March, 2001 after publishing Notice Inviting Tender (NIT) in leading newspapers. The tender document was also made available for information to the prospective bidders on DoT website. A pre-bid Conference was held in the DoT on 21" May, 2001 which was attended by over 100 delegates from prospective Bidder Companies, Industry Associations and Financial Institutions. The entry of fourth operator was also announced in the Brochure "Indian Telecommunications - Investment Opportunities published by DoT which was circulated abroad also.


    The three-stage bidding process is planned to be finalised by I91h July, 2001 and licences are expected to be signed by the end of August, 2001.